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External Call Transfer via PBX, CALLERID ISSUES

Carl Johnson

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When making a transfer outbound via the PBX from a hunt group, extension, etc the call always takes on the callerid info of the caller not the extenstion it is coming from.


IE: Call in from 123-555-7890 to 321-555-7890 which is a hunt group with a last step of calling 555-123-4567, this operates as expected, it attempts the call HOWEVER our PRI will not any callerid go out that is not one of our DID numbers.

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That is a "famous" problem... Some operators accept foreign caller-ID, others (most) don't. I think in SS#7 is it quite okay to have one "display name" caller-ID which is presented to the end user, and at the same time the network-asserted caller-ID, which is primary used for billing purposes and maybe legal stuff, and which is (usually) not presented to the end user.


Tricky topic, as there are companies that spoof caller-ID this way and make people call back on expensive numbers. That is why operators are so scared about presenting any caller-ID, they might be afraid of being liable for these fraud cases.

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