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Caller ID From Address


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I am trying to pass outbound caller ID on a NexVortex trunk. I have found that the caller ID that they accept is the portion infront of the @ symbol of the sip from address. The problem is PBXnSIP populates this with the info entered in the Account: field of the trunk, and not the Trunk DID: field. The problem is the Account: field will not accept dunamic content like the Trunk DID field will in order to send the tel: aliases. NexVortex will not accept the caller ID to be sent in the form of Remote Party/Privacy Indication:

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This is a long long discussion. IMHO everyone should follow RFC3325 and we are all set.


Until then, all you can do is playing around with the different methods in the trunk and see what works best. But many ITSP today do not support sending redirected caller-ID (e.g. for a redirected call from an incoming trunk to the cell phone).

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