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Extension Redirection when is not registered

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Does exist some way to redirect the extension when it is not registered but dedfined at PBXnSIP?


A lot of my customers use Softphone and when they power off the PC, the extension get not register, and they want that when it happens the call goes to another extension.


Of course exists the option for forward alls calls and the customer has the option to do that before power off, but.. you now : Alzaimer exists. <_<

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Do you ever want the call to go to vmail? What about call forward no answer or set a cell phone number to an extension so it will fork the call.



Thanks for the answer, in fact I need is that when extension is not registered, the calls be forwarded to one specific extension, but the default behavior of PBxNSIP is that when the extension is not registered and a call is incoming it goes to the vmail.


The point is that my csatomer uses Softphone and when he turn off the PC, the extension loses the register, and he want that teh call goes to another extension.

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