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  1. Snom One mini licenses 4.5.1

    I've now tried to upgrade from version 4.5.1 to version 5, but no luck. In the log file it says the firmware was uploaded and I need to reboot but after the reboot version 4.5.1 still runs.
  2. Snom One mini licenses 4.5.1

    I've upgraded the Snom One mini to version 4.5.1 but now it says I don't have any licenses available. I thought 4.5.1 does not require any licenses.
  3. Hi, I have a client with 2 x Snom M9r base stations. They have 8 cordless phones, 4 on each base station. Whenever the base stations restarts or there is a power failure the phones loses connection and does not show the name of the account on the phone. De-register and re-register sorted the issue out. Now the phones do not register with eiter base station and reboot also does not resolve the issue. Any ideas?
  4. Snom M9 Roaming

    Is roaming between base stations possible for the Snom M9 phones? What do I need to set it up?
  5. Multiple m9 bases station - one extension per handset

    Hi Snom, So what do we need for a handover sollution? Is it a license you have to buy or is it not supported by the Snom PBX?
  6. Snom One upgrade License issue

    This is not going to work, version 4 gives you 10 free user licenses, version 5 only 5 licenses. I can't go back to the client and tell them they have to fork out $499 for 10 user licenses.
  7. Meeting Point Echo

    Hi Support, I've played around with these settings but it didn't make a difference. Could the unit itself be faulty? We don't have another unit in stock to test with. Regards
  8. Snom One upgrade License issue

    Yes, I'm in SA. Is there free version 5 software?
  9. Snom One upgrade License issue

    I've upgraded the Snom One to version 4.5.1 which I know is the free version. For some reason the system now requires licenses to be activated. Please advise.
  10. Meeting Point Echo

    I have an issue with a Snom Meeting Point. There is an echo on the far end on internal and external calls. The issue is just with the Meeting point and not the other Snom phones. I've upgraded the software on the Meeting Point to, changed the codec to alaw, changed the Mic volume to 1, changed the equalizer settings but still the same issue. Any ideas?