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  1. Hey, Thank's for the answer ! I suspected for some time the firewall, but could not put the finger on it. So, I looked a little better and that's it! A option in the mikrotik WAS activated ... Thank's again, it's all good now!
  2. Hi again ! The log from one of the phones : 15/9/2014 15:40:16 [NOTICE] PHN: SIP: Add dirty host: tcp:X.X.X.X:5060 (0 sec)15/9/2014 15:40:16 [NOTICE] PHN: SIP: final transport error: 1000007 -> tcp:X.X.X.X:506015/9/2014 15:40:16 [ERROR ] PHN: SIP: transport error 1000007: generating fake 59815/9/2014 15:40:45 [ERROR ] PHN: SIP: transaction timeout tcp/tls: 100001015/9/2014 15:40:45 [ERROR ] PHN: SIP: final transaction timeout 1000010 (tcp:X.X.X.X:50603e000000cd2d-cum748lmobbg) I confirm, all ports (UDP and TCP) to the PBX are open.
  3. Hello, We have a concern with a client. We do not manage his internet connection and can not act on it. All ports are open to the PBX from LAN. The problem: If we keep the defaults settings, the phone does not register. It is impossible to emit and receive any calls. If we change the parameter "Outbound Proxy" directly on the phone's web interface, and switch from "transport=tcp" to "transport=udp", everything works perfectly ... until the next reboot of the phone. Do you have an idea to fix this parameter UDP instead of TCP? I can not find the option on the pbx and change the outbound proxy each electrical outage or when phones reboot is not acceptable for us ... In advance thank you, and have a good day! PS : PBX and phones are up to date
  4. Hello, First, sorry for my english I've got 3 m9 bases station, 5 handset, all registered on m9 bases. I've got one extension per handset. So 5 identities configured with one IPUI each. The bases are registered on PBX with sip account first (nom seemss to be with the mac address when I'm looking on the m9 web interface) My problem is when I reboot the bases, identities are switching... Sometimes, 2 handset have the same identity. Sometimes, the handset can't be reach (not ringing). Questions now : - About roaming : I can't find any configuration on the m9 web interface about it. It seems that the handset stay on one base even if I'm closer to another. - About identity and "replication configuration between bases". How does it work ? I have replicate identity on the 3 bases, but when they reboot, identities change, and are not the same on all base (base 1 : identity one : extention 100 - base 2 : idendity 1 : extention 101, etc...) - On PBX now : in Extention -> Registration -> Mac address field : do I have to field mac address of first base, or the 3 mac address ? Another thing : in Extention -> Status : all Handset have "3 Regs" ?? I try to find setup exemples on this forum or the wiki for days, but I can't find what I'm looking for... Tell me if you need something else, or where I'm wrong =/ Thanks M9 Firmware : 9.6.4-a
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