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  1. Hi, I'm using snomone version 2011- (Linux). The latest firmware of my linksys spa942 allows me to connect the phone over tls. but this is not working. I have no problems connecting it with udp or tcp. Do i have to install a certificate on the phone? other phones (snom300) do not have problems connecting to TLS) is it still supported in the latest version of snomone that other phones than snom can use tls? thank you!
  2. Hi all, is there a reason why i can't auto provision my linksys SPA942 phones anymore? the version i'm using is snomone 2011- (Linux). I tried everything described in the forum, copying the files in the folder /html (directory didn't exists, so needed to create it), modifying the file pnp.xml to accept SPA phones. But i just can not make it work... did anyone get this working? please help! thank you...
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