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  1. Hi, Is it possible to use a Snom phone as a "Room monitor" ? What we would need to do is turn on the microphone of an "on-hook" Snom phone and be able to listen in to what is going on in the immediate area. I can see "Listen-in and Teach" modes but they require a conversation to be in progress. Thanks Jon
  2. Hello, We recently upgraded a client to 4.5.1090 and they are complaining of changed behaviour for emails generated by missed calls. Incoming calls are answered by AA and (in this instance) ring a 3 user hunt group. Missed calls to this group no longer (or so i am told) generate a "Missed Calls" email Internal missed calls to individual users in the group generate an email, as do calls to their individual DDI numbers.. The web interface of the phones show the missed call, but they do not show in the users web page of the SnomOne. Any suggestions ?
  3. Thank you. You were correct, audio_en was missing as well as audio_moh. That was the problem
  4. Hi Downloaded/installed/licensed 5.0.7.(Win 64) to a new machine and found the following issues. Audio_moh was missing from the folder list. No problem there, just find another copy and that's fixed. More troubling is the lack of ring tone when calling from one extn to another. Nothing on either the handset or speaker of the calling extn. Destination extn rings normally No audio when a call is forwarded to a mailbox. No prompts, no greetings No audio when calling your own mailbox Restarted services etc, downloaded and installed the Win32 pxctrl.exe file just in case it was 64 bit related (like i think the 5.0.3 release), but still no change Phones are 720's initially at, but changed to just in case Have just defaulted to factory config and issues all still exist. System is using audio_uk language pack which appears to be ok. 415 files all that have been tried have played correctly. Any suggestions ?
  5. I guess a followup is in order here. Changing the 720/760's to firmware version has helped immensely but is not a 100% cure. The buttons still go to sleep occasionally. 320's (on or 15) with a DSS console are the most troublesome, but again not anywhere as frequently as before. However, a receptionist's console that won't allow transfer by button keys usually generates a pretty urgent service request !
  6. There must be more to this....After all that would be the first thing a customer would try...press the key with the light on ! I've just set up a quick system at home and mapped a scheduled Service Flag account to key 1 on a snom 300 I can see the light is on/off and can control it by altering the schedule time as you would expect. Key 2 is mapped to a manual Service Flag account and works as expected. A key press changes the Service Flag status. But, when the scheduled Service Flag account is "Set", pressing the key 1 on the phone just returns the voice prompt "this feature is not available at this time" and doesn't change the status of the account. The phone screen shows the correct account number is being dialled. Its almost like we need an "Extensions that may change status" field in the Scheduled Service Flag setup, like in the Manual Service flag screen Test system is 4.5.1090 on Win 32
  7. Well, i have talked to several of our customers who would like this feature and presented them with some options. Not surprisingly, they all opted for a simple solution and this one proposed by SnomOne would be ideal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or would it not be more practical to have the LED on the phone come up at 5 PM and when the secretary sees that, she just presses the button and presses it again when she leaves? That is already possible today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if it is possible, how ? Thanks
  8. Correct. As you say, the leaving early situation is covered, but the working late is not and in these times of austerity.....people are working later But seriously, i do think there is a need for this or a similar feature.
  9. Did anything every eventuate from this request ? It is something we are asked for regularly. What is needed is a method of changing the state of a Service Flag before a pre-programmed schedule change. For simplicity, the schedule should regain control of the Service flag at the next event time. A Manual Service flag allows the "Set" action to continue until removed (great for long weekends or unforeseen weather events etc), but there appears to be no way of temporarily "Un-Setting" a Scheduled Service Flag action should the customer require this occasionally. If there is no method for doing this at present time, please consider this to be a feature request. Thanks
  10. Thanks Thomas, I'm glad someone else in the world has seen the same problem.
  11. Also to mention, when the phone keys are "dead", no SIP activity is generated by pressing any of the keys.
  12. Here is a log file from a 320 that presented with this fault a couple of days ago. There are 3 logs here. Caller tries to transfer a call using the "Dead" BLF keys Result = Unsuccessful Caller tries to transfer a call by dialling extn number Result = Successful Caller tries to transfer a call using BLF keys after Keymap modified on Snom Result = Successful Phone was not rebooted, only the Keyplan in the Snom was modified and saved (One of the Park Orbits accounts was renumbered, saved, then changed back to the original setting. Changing any key allocation will achieve the same result) This fault is presenting regularly from many of our sites. As previously stated, Snom v4.5.0.1050/1075/1090 are affected, Snom 320/720/760 phones on 8.4.35/ are affected (don't know about as i only have about 15 phones using this release so far), Win 32/Win 64 and Snom SoHo hardware all show this fault. Snom Buttons.txt
  13. We may safely leave the 300 out of this conversation. You will note that the log files in my last post were from a 320.
  14. Log files attached. Should be self explanatory. SIP Traces show NO entries at all when using the phone's own DND key but show the correct invite messages etc when using *78/*79. DND trace for Snom.txt
  15. OK, the formatting on those log files wasn't preserved in the post process, is there any other way you would like them delivered ??
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