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  1. Hello, I am trying to provision SPA 112 with pbx version 5.2.6 and it is failing. Any assistance appreciated.
  2. I opened Ldap ports but corp directory still showing please try again. when you register extension please test it.
  3. Btw, Corp. Directory is not working too, still saying please try again.
  4. OK. We upgraded to 5.2.2 yesterday and had to roll back to 5.2.1 because some domains started receiving fast busy signal for incoming calls same issue we had before and had to roll back to 5.1.3. after moving to 5.2.1 version calls working, caller-id working for blind transfer. for BLF call pickup doesn't work. for Buttons we having same issue and it is not showing on the place I configured in the pbx. Can we review this issue this morning. it is crucial for our future configurations.
  5. I just finished upgrade and still experience same issues.
  6. how do I put this rings to polycom phone?
  7. as well, how do I setup to preserve caller-id when doing internal transfer?
  8. 1. under behavior where? I tried and nothing changed. 2. what I mean is when I have another ext. configured as BLF on my phone and this extension receive call I see it on my screen the call and caller-id , I just want to see if you another user is on the phone or not.
  9. Hello, Customer of ours is asking for 2 setting that I cannot find. 1. to have different ringtone when call comes from hunt group 2. for people with BLF setup not to see incoming did of monitored accounts and just if they on the phone or not. Regards, Vladimir
  10. I receive following notifications with attached file. ATT00001.txt
  11. before we upgrade I need to speak with someone and I need to repair it today, I have a support ticket purchased which was not really used. please call me
  12. Cannot upload pcap trace will send it thru private message.
  13. I am using Windows 2012 R2 64 bit, but it happened to Linux snomOne appliance too.
  14. I am using windows based 5.1.3, because 5.2.2 version just stopped responding and I had to downgrade. instead of connecting directly I would prefer to have an online session. Regards
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