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  1. Hello Community we did not find a solution to cover TAPI and CTI Integration out of the box with vodia and after a long time we have been able to fully support vodia for UCPlus. All functions DND, call forwarding and integrations are supported. ucplus is a powerful unified communication software suite, which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration with their phone system. Strong integration to a huge range of different Business applications systems users information about callers quickly and efficiently significantly increasing productivity. The ucplus product suite is not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and install. UCPLus can be used as a multi-tendant for hosted solutions or in-house for a very good price. We use UCPlus for our hosted Vodia in multi-tendant operation Information can be found here https://plus-software.com/uk For all who are also on the search this is over thanks
  2. Hi. we stumbled across a problem in FAX today. An extension is set to FAX Only and sends FAX'e to the email, but also the FAX'e are saved and depending on the setting the mailbox limit is full and does not accept any more FAX'e. However, there is no switch to setting off to save the fax, the user can delete the saved FAX'e only in the domain where he normally has no access. Is there a way to disable the function to saving a FAX's and how can delete a user that storage fax for a extension fax only. thanks
  3. Hello community, who has seen more SIP scanners, please fill in so we can get a complete list of the tools of the bad guys to protect our Vodia. thanks sipcli sipvicious sip-scan sipsak sundayddr friendly-scanner iWar CSipSimple SIVuS Gulp sipv smap friendly-request VaxIPUserAgent VaxSIPUserAgent siparmyknife PortSIP pplsip
  4. Hello, some PBX's are already very long in operation and we notice that the space on the hard disk becomes less, at which places the Vodia must be cleaned of ballast, special for logs and CDR data etc. on which directories we must setup a monitoring system to check the data size. Which switches in the pbx generate a high data volume on the hard disk, ok pcaps are known thanks
  5. Hi, there is a view for the ACD where all agents are combined as a total overview. For an agent you can see the summary with graphics under the ACD menu. thanks
  6. Hi, the only solution we found is from Spectralink with the IP-DECT Server 6500, we will test it.
  7. Hello Community who has experience in large DECT installations together with the Vodia. The project will contain 240 DECT base stations with 300 DECT handsets. The positions of the DECT access points are already measured, which hardware on DECT is recommended for this which can provide something like this. Any idea thanks
  8. Hello, a customer has a door phone system on his old telephone system which is operated on an analog port. We want to use a Cisco SPA 122 as gateway and make the phone number DID available only for internal use. So that the extension number cannot be reached externally, we want to set the following in the routing of the SIPTRUNK, the "198" is the door intercom system. For inbound routing we wanted to use the following pattern !(5555555198$)!0!t!([0-9]{3}$)!\2!t!0 Routing: If incoming number 5555555198 then routing to 0 and for DID with 3 digits strip the last digits ANI if not found route all to 0 For the dial plan we want to set the following https://drive.google.com/file/d/14zRPJF4E7VmpD1get6k0JfE8NPBorFyo/view?usp=drivesdk It is not possible to deactivate the SIPTRUNK Ecotel in the dialplan or delete it after saving the entry is back again, how to delete or deactivate the trunk from the dialplan For a internal dial plan it is correctly entered with the pattern * and target 198 (ANI intern) The door opens when you enter the code #61 during a call, the Vodia sends it this way or we have to set something. We can also place DTMF codes on a button to open the door at the push of a button thanks
  9. McFone

    Mini PC

    Hi, we are looking for a mini hardware solution for the Vodia, the Vodia Mini is still available only as hardware? and the Mini PC's from globalscaletechnologies with the Sheevaplug still recommendable. thanks
  10. We have a SPA 122 / Cisco and a Grandstream HT802 both are provisioned but do not register with the vodia. All settings of the account will be written to the ATA via PNP and of course open for provisioning is set We have used the domain and IP of Vodia for provisioning. Any idea of what to consider in an ATA in version V60? The system is hosted, debian 64 thanks
  11. Vodia V60 Hosted Hi, we have several domains and connected a SPA 122 from Cisco to an account, which is provisioned by PNP. Now the customer has another solution for FAXing a FAX Server and no longer needs the ATA Gateway and we have used it in another domain for customers. Before we use the ATA we removed the MAC from the Domain. The problem is that there will be no new provisioning, we have deleted the account on other domain completely but it has no effect. For testing purposes, we have provisioned the SPA on a different system and PNP provisioning has worked as expected We think we need to delete provisioning data but where? thanks
  12. in the same browser another installation shows it Chrome and Firefox the same
  13. Hi, the software update pages have no entries from release which is completely empty The newest version V60 is loaded In the software version 59.1 it was the same It's a Debian 64 system How can we fix this thanks
  14. Hi, the DECT IP Phone W60P and DECT phone W56P also for the conference phone CP960 and CP920. are supported by vodia, see only the firmware for the W52P under phone / parameter. thanks
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