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  1. Hello fellow snomers. I want to explore using VOIP as an alternative to expensive broadcast lines for reporters when they're in the field. What codecs will get wide band, high quality sound? (I'm trying to avoid the "over the phone" sound for radio broadcast.) I currently use Bria and SIP Station for Trunks. Do I have the best set up? I'm in Seattle where LTE is widely available. Thanks! Chris
  2. Thanks for the good info. I'm a little lost. Can you recommend anyone who can help me do this? I have file system system access on the Mac Mini that's currently hosting this.
  3. It's a SoHo. When I look at the PBX.tar file, it is "zero bytes". If I unarchive it, I get a whopping 415 bytes. Would that size prohibit uploading the config? I also have a custom AA greeting. How do get that file over to the SoHo? Got the network config to work, but thanks for the heads up.
  4. I'm running Snom One on a Mac Mini and want to migrate over to the Soho. When I try to upload the config file through the UI, nothing happens. How can I ssh and what exactly to I need to copy?
  5. I recently purchased the Snom Soho. I want to transfer the configuration files from my Snom One PBX running on a Mac Mini (version 2011- I've saved the configuration file (pbx.tar), but when I try to update and save it to the Snom Soho (version 2011-, nothing happens. What am I missing? I'm using Safari for my browser when managing the PBX through the web interface.
  6. Here's what I currently have in the send to extension field. It's still sending the 7319 number to 701 (the conference server) and sending 3180 to 700 (the AA), but not sending 2067450870 to 500. Any ideas? Thanks! !+19543767319!701! !([0-9]{3}$)!\1!t!700
  7. I currently have the following expression to send calls directly to the AA and the Conference Server. I have another DID that needs to go an extension. What expression do I need to create to keep the existing routing while sending all calls from the new DID to extension 500? Current Expression: !+19543767319!701! 700 New DID 2067450870 New Extension 500 Where can I read more information about this?
  8. i've tried that a few times - including restarting the computer. can anyone recommend a premium support option to get this fixeD?
  9. i just upgraded from pbxnsip 3.x to snom one on a mac server running 10.6.5. I already have a service running on port 80, so i changed the pbx.xml file with to port 81, restarted the service and server..and I still get a "can't load page error" in safari. I've also tried stopping the service and changing back to port 80 without success. Does anyone have any ideas as to what's happening? Thanks.
  10. How do I set the caller ID on the trunk? When I place outgoing calls now, they show up as unavailable. Is this done on the trunk or the extension? Using PBXNSIP 3.4
  11. Currently I have the PBX configured with one domain. I'm using the auto attendant and domain-specific hold music. I want to create another "identity" within the PBX so I can call out and have a different caller ID and separate DID for incoming calls. What is the easiest way to achieve this? Do I create another extension or another domain? Also, how is the outgoing caller ID passed on? It is through the trunk or extension?
  12. Found out what was going on here...the firewall was rejecting the packets because the headers were too large and contained all of the codecs. I removed the ones that weren't being used, and the problem has been solved.
  13. Thanks! Should I stay away from any numbers that might interfere with other phone functions? Also, what's the best practices as far as where to start? Right now, the system starts with 40 for extensions. Can I start these there digit extensions at 100?
  14. I had to reload the saved configuration file for the PBX and my VM greetings and name announcements got blown out. Is there a way to fix? Using (Darwin)
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