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  1. Hi, When i try to update my firmware from 6.x to 7.x or 7.x to 7.x the phone gets itself in a loop and updates the firmware then boots up fine then restarts itself and downgrades itself to the last firmware on the phone. Is there a setting im missing when i start to do firmware updates? the one setting i do change is for it to ask wether or not it should update but that setting dissapears after the firmware update and just gets in a update loop then Cheers Tom
  2. Hi, We are currently running pbxnsip (Win32). We use Snom 300 with firmware 7.1.35, this wont work if we have a spanning tree protocol network setup. Snom say if i upgrade to 7.3.10a or higher it will work ok. Does anyone know if this firmware works ok with pbxnsip or has anyone had any problems with it? Thanks Tom
  3. Hi, I am running pbxnsip (Win32). We have alot of Cisco 7911 Phones, has anyone set these phones up with pbxnsip? If anyone could help with the setup for this that would be great. thanks Tom
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