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  1. Hello, We are trying to update our SNOM ONE BLUE from to The upgrade instructions state to check the Base64 license on the website https://snomone.com/upgradev4, which reported "The Upgrade Will Work". However, after performing the update, the PBX is reporting No License on the Status page, as well as logging No License when lines attempt to register. Please advise. Thanks, Randall
  2. We are noticing about a 3 second delay on intermittant inbound calls. We started logging the calls and reported the issue to our SIP Trunk provider. Our Trunk provider, WideOpenWest (WOW) has ran an advanced trace on the calls we experienced the delay and told me the following - "The SNOM SIP device introduces a delay of 100ms between consecutive packets when answering the call, without changing the SSRC, and thereby confuses our DSPs." I've hear our provider refer to their SIP technology as MetaSwitch, but I'm not positive. We are currently on version Epsilon Geminids (Win64) Our main number goes to a Hunt Group with seven extension all in Stage 1 and Duration set to 15, with the final option going to an Auto Attendant. Any advise on where to go from here? Thanks, Randall
  3. This morning I tried an 866 number two times - one with and one without the "1". Both test calls failed with message on the LCD - "Disconnected: Not Found" followed by the phone number dialed. Attached is both call logs from the test calls. Please advise. Thanks for your help, Randall With_1.txt WithOut_1.txt
  4. Since we upgraded to Epsilon Geminids last week, we found we are not able to make outbound calls to 800 numbers. When we attempt this, we get a message stating "Disconnected". We could dial the 800 numbers before the upgrade. I've check our Dial Plan and it doesn't appear to have changed. I have attached to this ticket. Please advise, Randall
  5. I updated to the latest version, then applied the custom headers you recommended. I'm pleased to report we can make outbound calls! Thanks for your help, Randall
  6. Thanks to the helpful link provided on the logging settings in my current/old version, the attached log looks much better. Again, this attachment (outbound5.txt) is our current working system test call from same extension to same external phone number. outbound5.txt
  7. I did forget to upload the attachment again...sorry! outbound4.txt
  8. Hello Mr. X, I would be more than happy to provide the requested information and start a support ticket; however, the SIP service we receive from our provider does not have any authentication - it's not hosted or served over the internet. Our provider gave us a direct ethernet cable and IP address to setup our PBX. I don't think this type of service delivery will be able to be tested on your end. Please let me know how you would like me to proceed. Thanks, Randall
  9. I attempted to capture the call log of a test call this morning, but it appears this version of PBX software (2011- is not logging the same level of detail as the newer version log ( that I've captured to TXT files and uploaded to this ticket previously. I have uploaded the log file as I see it now (outbound4.txt)...please review and tell me what am I missing? Does the newer version offer better logging detail by default? What do I need to enable on this current version to be able to log the correct information you need?
  10. Attached is the log file as requested. Attempted to place the external call to the same number, from the same VoIP phone, but on the new version of PBX software. Looking forward to hear what you find about the headers. Thanks, Randall outbound3.txt
  11. is the correct IP address for our providers SIP truck proxy. And since they only change today has been the version of PBX software, I don't understand how this would cause network issues suggested. Since we could not make any outbound calls, I've restored the previous version - 2011- (Win64). After the restore, we could immediately place outbound calls again. Now that we are back on the old version, I will gather the SIP log you requested, then perform the upgrade again and capture another SIP log in the new version. To make sure I get you the exact information you need, can you please tell me how to pull the SIP log you requested? Once I received your response, I will schedule to gather these logs first thing the following morning and post here. Thanks for your assistance, Randall
  12. I just performed the update to 1090. Tested outbound calls again, but same result. I noticed on the Calls screen, the outbound calls have a State of "Idle". I've reviewed the links provided about Custom Headers, but this setting appears to be the same as before the upgrade this morning. However, I contacted our SIP provider to verify the correct setting and it appears we are configured correctly. Also while on the phone, we placed a test outbound call and our phone provider stated they never observed the outbound call hit their system. Lastly, I've attched two call logs - the one I forgot to upload earlier (outbound.txt), and a new one after the lastest update (outbound2.txt). We are still without outbound calls. Please advise at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Randall outbound.txt outbound2.txt
  13. We updated to 2011- Coma Berenicids (Win64) this morning, but are not unable to make outbound calls to external numbers. Please advise ASAP. Thanks, Randall
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