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  1. Thanks for the instant response. As I'm coming from the Asterisk world, I was in fact hoping for this canreinvite-option. But on the other hand your explanation does have a valid point. So far we are not using recording nor the possility for phones to call in. Our business is just not big enough. So I will for now rely on the option to use the global flag and worst case accept the double load on my tunnel. Thanks a lot
  2. Hello all, in my setup I have to offices served by one SnomOne PBX but two gateways. So in Location A I have my server and one PSTN gateway. In location B, connected via Tunnel, I have a few user and a small PSTN gateway. The calls from this small gateway are usually routed to the extensions also located in location B. Due to the behavior of SnomOne there should usually be no reinvite to the trunk. So the call for instance comes in at location B, goes to the PBX through the tunnel and is then returned through the tunnel to the extension. This causes 2 sip traffic streams through the tunne
  3. Thanks for the quick response, her the new log: [5] 2012/10/03 16:29:07: SIP Rx udp: INVITE sip:snomone@;transport=udp;line=1679091c SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK46E410E5393926108DC9190009190038;rport From: "0123123456" <sip:0123123456@;user=phone>;tag=5A6D7BC1373926108DBE190009190038 To: "25" <sip:25@> Call-ID: EEB910E5393926108DC8190009190038 CSeq: 1 INVITE Contact: <sip:snomone@;transport=udp> Max-Forwards: 70 Allow: ACK, BYE, CANCEL, INFO, INVITE
  4. Hello, I'm having troubles in getting a Bintec R1200 to run as a gateway for incoming calls. I successfully set up the connection using it as a SIP Registration. Also the Call Identification from P-Asserted-Identify works fine. Only the routing to the correct extension doesn't work. So far I can only set a fixed routing using the "Send call to extension" field. Maybe someone can give me an advise, what I have to change to get this running. Here are the SIP messages, that might help. The called ISDN-MSN was the 25, which should be routed to the internal extension 25. [5] 2012/10/
  5. Thanks for the reply, again I changed this setting to UDP as it was recommended by beronet for their hardware: http://wiki.beronet.com/index.php/Berofix_with_Snom_One As far as I understand, TLS it not fully supported by their hardware. I now asked the support for their explanation and will post the answer here. But I changed the transport layer already to TCP for the whole system yesterday evening and after a reboot, it worked as intended. So far, thank you very much for you help and I would like to say, that I'm very happy with Snom One. As we only have snom phones, I really th
  6. Today I figured out a way to solve the problem temporarily: I forced the snom phones to use TCP by adding ";transport=tcp" to the outbound proxy address. Unfortunately this only works until the next time the phones settings are updated by the provisioning. Is there a way to force TCP for certain extensions? Otherwise also TCP for all would be acceptable for me. The Transport layer for the SnomOne under PnP->snom in the web interface is currently set to UDP. Thanks for any suggestions Hubertus
  7. The VPN connection was not originally installed just for telephony, but actually to connect main office and branch and use the same ressources (AD, XenApp, Shares, ...). As the infrastructure is already available, I wanted to use it also for telephony. I don't see a reason to tunnel most of my traffic through the VPN but let the phones connect "around" it - also in terms of safety. Regarding TLS, do you mean this can also improve my problem still using the VPN? PnP did not work in the branch office behind the tunnel. So I entered the settings URI manually and set the HTTP Client
  8. Hello all, I'm running successfully a SnomONE v4.5.0.1075 on a Windows 2008R2. In the local network I have some Snom 360,370 and 870 connected and they all can successfully call outbound and internal as well as receive calls. Now I also got some clients in a second branch that is connected through OpenVPN to the main network. The manual provisioning of those Snom 370s was successful and I can call those phones and establish the call successfully. Only when trying to call from those devices somewhere else, it fails. Both when trying to call one of the extensions in the main network and
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