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  1. Thanks. I got it now. I've seen other posts that say the message shows up in the voicemail box, which is the way it should work, but this will work.
  2. I have *12 set to start in call recording. As I understand it, you're supposed to press *12 plus extension number you want to record, typically your own extension number. So if my extension is 163, I would press *12163 and the call should start recording. Nothing happens. I can use all other * codes no problem. What is keeping this feature from working. I'm using an Aastra 53i.
  3. Is that on incoming calls only? Then you have to fish the call detail info out of the system, correct?
  4. I have a law firm client that has been using Equitrac to capture Call Detail information. We installed pbxnsip and they either want to integrate it with Equitrac or eliminate Equitrac and just use CMC's and the CDR data to bill clients. How do you set up CMC's in the system and how do you enter a CMC when making or receiving a call? Is anyone using this with customers that bill clients for their phone time?
  5. Service Flags set and clear as programmed. M-F 8:30-5:30.
  6. Customer wants a live receptionist during the day, 8:30 - 5:30, then automatically switch to an outside service after hours. Right now we can make that happen, but the reception phone rings until it times out on no answer, then goes to the service. How can we make it so the incoming call goes directly to the outside service after 5:30 without ringing on the reception phone first.
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