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  1. Thanks, I have hooked up a monitor but when I try to link the files I get a "permission denied" error. I am logging in using superadmin / snom1 - should I be using another login?
  2. Thanks I have tried this but once the system reboots the version is still the old one? It successfully downloads the new version but does not apply it. I assume I have to "edit the /etc/init.d/snomONE to change the name of the binary (or the link) to pbxctrl instead of snomONE-ctrl" but how do I do that from the SNOM ONE PLUS web interface. Do I need to go the server room and hook up a monitor and keyboard to perform this upgade or is there something else I might be missing? [1] 2012/11/22 10:59:17: Performing software upgrade based on http://downloads.snom.net/snomONE/version- [3] 2012/11/22 10:59:17: Software update: Removing file pbxctrl-old [3] 2012/11/22 10:59:17: Software update: Sending request for file http://downloads.snom.net/snomONE/centos32/v4.5/pbxctrl-centos5- [5] 2012/11/22 11:00:54: Succesfully changed the permission for file pbxctrl 1] 2012/11/22 11:00:54: Software update finished. If there were no errors, changes will be completed after the snom ONE restart
  3. I have a Snom One Plus running 2011- Coma Berenicids. I am trying to updgrade to but it keeps telling me that "no updates are available" in the "update snom one plus" tab. Am I missing something? Is it possible to use this web interface to go from one 4.5 version to another? What about downgrading I don't see how I can do that with the web inteface. Thing are a little different than the wiki suggests...http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Snom_ONE_plus_update Any guidance would be appreciated.
  4. http://www.snomone.com/network and http://www.snomone.com/fax Thanks!
  5. Is it just me or is the new site a bit difficult to read? Here are some examples - "the service supports adding routing table entries that we are not exposed on the operating system level." "With the T.38 standard, the modem signals are represented in a digital form, so that they are a lot less problems with the reception."
  6. What is the upgrade patch to v5 for Snom One Plus boxes? I have an 8 FXO version running the SNOM one free that was purchase 1 month ago. To get the same functionality in v5 I am looking at a 2K upgrade??? I also see the new Snom One Plus box is windows based do I need to put Windows 8 on this box to upgrade?
  7. So after changing the file to pcm uncompressed 8000hz 16 bit the files will load....I read someone recommend 8 bit in another thread....guess I should have followed the wiki....didn't really think 16 vs 8 was such a big deal. It would be some much easier if we could just load mp3....
  8. For some reason the snom one plus is telling me my wav files are not wav files. audiofile: aa first fix.wav is not a wav file Web Server: File playback.wav not found audiofile: aa first.wav is not a wav file Web Server: File playback.wav not found Could not send 32969 bytes to, error code 104 audiofile: aafirst.wav is not a wav file Web Server: File playback.wav not found I am using wav pad sound editor and saving as ccit u-law 8kx 8 bit mono... Anyone else run into this?
  9. I am trying to upload a wav file that contains a custom AA message on a Snom One Plus. When I try to load in the IVR tab I browse to the file and select it. When I hit save the screen simply goes back to the initial IVR page with no wav files loaded? I am sure I am doing something wrong but I have hit a wall.
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