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  1. Registered users to PBX. I looked at the log file and just before the PBX informed me of 'Not Found', it seemed to look in the dial plan. Unfortunately i don't know how to set a dial for the pbx. I can't find any documentation. Cheers
  2. Win Xp Pro. If i use an an SJ Phone to put the other party on hold then that works fine. But using a Voip Gateway does not. The question is whether PBXNSIP supports draft-ietf-sipping-service-examples-11. I noticed that the SJ Phone sends re-invites to the PBX but the sip messaging does not follow the draft mentioned above. Thanks
  3. hi, everything is as per default. MOH.wav file is selected. what triggers the PBX to play music? Nobody has been able to clarify this for me Cheers
  4. Hi, THe MOH feature isn't working for me. I get a 'not found' response from PBX. I don't know much about PBXNSIP so could someone give me some simple steps as to how i can get this feature to work please. I using a VOIP gateway to which i have analog phones plugged in. All i have told the PBX is to play MOH. Can i assume that MOH is played when a SIP message with no SDP is sent to the PBX? Regards, Joe
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