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  2. I figured out that if they use the native soft key on the phone screen, the caller id is not passed. If I press HOLD and then *77 etc...that does work successfully. The client is going to shoot me if that is what they have to do. It would be less painful if they could do a supervised transfer but the call is sent right away, so no chance of consultation with the target extension.....any ideas?
  3. Before I began, I saw that <workingdir>\html was an empty folder. I copied your ringtone.xml there and restarted the pbx -- no effect. Then I erased the bellcore part of the "cisco" line, but left the remainder of the line -- no effect. Then I erased the cicso lines completely -- no change... and yes, I did restart the pnx between attempts... Can you provide a sample file as it should be for my cisco 7960s please? Also, how does the pbx know there is a cisco phone at the extension? Thanks
  4. I was able to download ring tones and I can even press "settings" etc and see them and play them and even select one (check-marked the box) but when the phone receives a call, it uses the default ring. I even tried setting to option 2 that was in the phone by default and I still get the same original ring. Is there somewhere that the pbx specifies that the phone should use it's own ring setting rather than what the pbx says?
  5. I found that if I put "http://x.x.x.x/filename.bmp" it would not actually load the bmp (no time to troubleshoot beyond this) but it did succeed in getting blank space on the phone instead of the cisco logo.....sigh
  6. Hey Thanks for the reply. I am using Cisco 7960s. I do have other issues with the phones as well. If you have expertize with these...help would be appreciated. I am able to download ring tones and can even play and choose them on the phone screen, but when I call the extension, I get the default ring... I would love to have a quick chat if you are willing to call me at your convenience. I have a day at the site tomorrow and I must take care of all the loose ends...thanks Mario (949) 813-2122
  7. I am using 7960 Cisco phones I found a great link to ring tones and downloaded them. Also included the RINGLISTxml file. I see the TFTP download of the ringlist file. When I go to settings on the phone, I can play each one (funny, I see it download from tftp each time, even the same tone over and over). When I select a tone on the phone, I get an x in the checkbox so it looks good. When I call the phone, I always get the default ring (1of2) that came with the phone. Also, if I close the tptf server, no more ring tones!
  8. Customer reports that when someone transfers a call, he sees the transferring extension ID. When the transfer is completed, the screen is not switching to the caller's info.
  9. OK...it works now....here is what I did. Created a trunk for each user, specifying a different account (the DID number) and ANI but using the same username and login and proxy and domain. Created a dialplan for each user. So far as I can tell, the ANI in the account form doesn't do much in this install.
  10. Here is the link to the integration..... I am wondering if I were to change to Proxy or Sip Gateway that it would make a difference. Atila has been great in working that hack for me but I dread dealing with th ecustomer on this...I would think pretty much anybody doing DIDs would have had this issue and that it should be fixed or at least well-known..I am in a jam to get this fixed asap..all help is appreciated. Atila, I will run some call tests today and get more specific about inter-office as opposed to external callers....
  11. I installed CBeyond SIPconnect exactly per the wiki. The Caller ID being sent out is the BTN for all calls, unless I enter it in an account (which is almost always necessary). Then the outgoing caller id for every phoneis the ANI for whatever account holds the BTN. I solved this by creating an account with the BTN as the extension and entering a bogus ANI number. Now the correct ANI goes out for each extension. The trouble is that if anyone forwards their phone to an external number, callers get a "number is disconnected" recording. This is devastating. At this moment, I have to choose one or the other and it is making the install look really hokey. I am using Cisco 7960s but this holds true even if I use x-lite, so it doesn't seem to be a config file issue. What is the correct config for getting phone specific ANI to go out per station? As I said, I followed the wiki and used the info provided by CBeyond's cut sheet. It seems I am registering somehow as a single DID with them, rather than as a PBX. HELP
  12. I am trying to configure Cisco 7960 phones and cannot find enough detail to describe the options available in the config file. IE: exactly how do I add ring tones....How do I remove the Cisco logo....How do I get it to dial without having to hit DIAL...how can i set the line buttons for autdials in the cnf file rather than manually entering them at each phone.... I am really stuck here and in dire need of help.
  13. I would be happy if I could just remove the logo for now..please advise Thank You
  14. What format should the logo be in and will the entry in the MAC file be IP address + path? Also, please explain the "services" file and how to do the auto-dial. THANK YOU
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