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  1. Hello, I recently moved my pbxnsip server to A new server and the PBX now has a license problem, I know the program is depended on the macadres but the network card is an on board card so I can’t transfer the network card. Where can I ask for 1 new license or is it possible to buy a dongle and what are the costs. Is it possible to run de pbxnsip server in VMware? Thanks.
  2. Mm this was not the answer I hoping for. OCS is supporting forking that is the hole purpose of the Server URI with you can set on a per user bases. Ill wil try to find a solution and if I find something ill post IT here. Thanks for the help so far Regards, Charl
  3. There is no connection problem I can call someone from the PBXnSIP to OCS and from OCS to PBXnSIP. But what I want is the when someone calls extension 900 (example) the normal Voip Phone is ringing and the OCS client with extension 900 Ill believe this is known as forking but how can I do that. I?ll know I?ll have to set the Server URI of the user but what should ill type there? my address is pbxnsipforum<at>spam.cpels.com
  4. Thanks it works The only problem left for me is what I have to type as Server URI to register an OCS user with PBX for incoming calls. Basically how can I route incoming calls to users?
  5. Hello, I am trying to connect a Microsoft Office Communications server to PBXnSip but ran in to a problem with the trunks. I am using 2 trunks for this setup one to connect to an voip provider with works fine when I am using an normal voip phone etc The other trunk is for the Microsoft Office Communications server, but when ill try to call an external number using de Office Communicator (Client) pbxNsip gives the following message [5] 2007/10/17 23:19:42: SIP port accept from [5] 2007/10/17 23:19:42: Identify trunk (IP address and domain match) 7 [5] 2007/10/17 23:19:42: Trunk OCS sends call to +31<external number> [5] 2007/10/17 23:19:42: Trunk call: Could not identify user How can i Fix this? Basically it is an trunk to trunk connection
  6. Thanks for this tip, it works perfectly. This is also a good tip for de wiki site I think http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Microsoft_Exchange Section: Configuring the pbxnsip Server for Exchange. 1. Create a new trunk to connect to Exchange: Using the pbxnsip Domain Administrator, select the Trunks tab. Name the new trunk "exchange gateway" and set its type to SIP Gateway. Click the create button. Click the edit icon next to the Exchange Gateway. In the Domain box, enter the FQDN or IP Address of your Exchange Server (i.e., exchange.company.com). In the outbound proxy box, enter: sip:exchange.company.com:5060;transport=tcp but replace exchange.company.com with the FQDN or IP Address of your Exchange Server and set Remote Party/Privacy Indication to RFC3325 (P-Asserted-identity). The example below assumes the address is Click the "Accept redirect" radio button and then click save. Screenshot needs an update
  7. this is the log [5] 2007/10/16 22:26:59: Identify trunk (IP address/port and domain match) 2 [5] 2007/10/16 22:26:59: Trunk Linksys sends call to 900 [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:20: Dialplan: Match 777777@ to <sip:777@;user=phone> on trunk Exchange [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:20: Using <sip:<number of caller>@>;tag=a2b11b4584f9f748o1 as redirect from [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:20: Charge user 900 for redirecting calls [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:20: Opening a new connection [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:20: Redirecting call [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:20: Opening a new connection [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:20: Connection refused on udp: [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:27: BYE Response: Terminate d276578b@pbx [5] 2007/10/16 22:27:43: SIP port accept from number 900 is my test extension number 777777 is the numer of the exchange server, the dailplan change this to 777
  8. Hello, I have upgraded my pbxnsip server to version 2.1 and now when a call is send from pbxnsip to my Exchange 2007 voice mail I only see the extension number. Ill use budgetphone as my phone provider and the phonenumer of the caller is visible on my phone like normal. So the phone number of the caller is not passing to Exchange 2007. Exchange is reporting the phone extension/name instead. The voicemail it self etc works fine but how can I Fix this problem? Thanks, Charl
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