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  1. Thnx for hearing my story. I used snom.zendesk forum to post a ticked with server details and wishes, hope they can help me out.
  2. We use 2 old PBXnSIP version servers (because they are to migrated later this year to another system we wont upgrade them. Is there any documentation this version regarding my issue?
  3. I have tried this today but i think im doing sometingwrong. There are about 20 voip domains active on this server. I found that all domains have seperate XLM files for their domain and for the extenstion. All phones use http://IP/provisioning/snom300.htm or snom320.htm or snom360.htm The files snom3xx.htm can not be found on that server ?? the xml files can be found but i cant get them to work with the ew setting. any ideas? I want all phones to change the provisioning url in the phone to an DNS adres instead of ip bij using that same provisioning server. Do i realy need to edit all XLM files from every phone on all domains ?
  4. Is there any documentation about the parameters and in wich file to put them so i can auto provision the provisioning setting.. Ps. i did a field test with the "missing provisioning server" scene, ant the phone keeps working but an anoying "provisioning Failes" keeps poping up in the display. So i realy hope i can get the setting pushed.
  5. What happens if the phone boot up and the provisioning server is offline, Will the keep working with the last know config or will they fail to work at all ? Other question is: can i change the provisioningserver setting from IP adres to FQDN adres through the provisioning server before i take it offline? and will all phones use FQDN/DNS then?
  6. Will all operational phones keep working if the provisioningserver is unavailable. We need to move our PBXnSIP server causing the External IP adres of the server to change. All phones connect to the reg server with a domain name but the provisioning server is reached by IP. If i move the server to the new location and correct the DNS recors for the reg server, will all phones keep working , knowing that they cant reach the provisioning server anymore until i change the phone settings.
  7. I "Solved" the issue. For some reason the snom wont registar om voipbuster.nl with firmware 8 but it works fine with voipbuster.com. Strange !? but this works for me...
  8. I own a snom320 with firmware 8 (latest not beta) I cant register my VOIPbuster account ! Other voip providers work fine. Anyone any ideas ?
  9. Does this version support other brands of hardware other then snom phone. We use Linksys/Zyxel/SIemens/Panasonic/Snom. I was told the newer snom servers only have support for snom phones.
  10. Is there a (free) way to upgrade mu version to one that does support 302 Redirect commands ?
  11. in Short this won't work on my version 3 sip server ?
  12. Hoi all, We use and old PBXnSIP (Win32) server. We switcht from trunk provider recently and now we have an issue with call forwarding The call must be forwardes to a Cell outside office hours. The forward works perfect but i need to see the original caller number on my Cell. My new trunk proviced did a sip trace and say it is because the PBXnSIP server uses a INVITE to set up a new call to the cell and connects it to the original call. If the server could use a 302 Redirect command to redirect the call to the Cell the problem would be solved. I can not find any setting that can do this. The reason for this change is the it is illegal to make a new call (INVITE) with a Caller ID that is not owned by the PBX. When i use a SNOM 300/320 phone to set up the redirection (In the phone its self) is does work but i dont want that because the local lan goes down with a powerfailure and the redirect wont work. The forwarded calls are essential because it is for emergancy calls from stuk elevators from our cusromers and need to be redirected always !! I hope there is a way to Configure the PBXnSIP to use 302 redirect instead of INVITE to forward the call. Kind regards, Wouter Keizer
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