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  1. maslym

    CPU limit

    Thank you very much for the info.
  2. maslym

    CPU limit

    I notice that in version (Linux) the threshold of CPU limit is 75. Is there any way to change it? Thank you.
  3. What does the "Maximum Number of Calls" control, call legs or calls?
  4. I try to set up Maximum Number of Calls for the PBX domain in (Linux) and it seems in order to allow N calls, I have to enter N+1. If I set Maximum Number of Calls to 1, I cannot make any call including calling own mailbox. Any idea? Thank you.
  5. All the wave files I used for test are in correct format. I even tried to delete the old ringtone wave file and upload a new one, but it still played the old deleted one. Once I restarted the service, it started to play the new wave file.
  6. I tried to save the default ringtones.xml and pnp.xml from HTML Templates and reloaded them under Reload Configuration Files section and it didn't make any difference. The system is still playing the old wave file. Thank you.
  7. I think I am using the default ringtones.xml coming with the PBXnSIP. How to update it? Thank you.
  8. Hi, I am using PBXnSIP (Linux). After I upload a new wave file as the extension's ringback tone, the system is still using the old wave file as the ringback tone. I have to restart the PBXnSIP application in order to make the new wave file work. It seems it's a bug in version Any idea? Thank you.
  9. I think I have figured out how to change those template files. Thank you.
  10. No. I am not sure what I should change in these template files. Thank you!
  11. Hi, We are using PBXnSIP (Linux) and we set up all appearance settings as described on http://kiwi.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Changing_the_Appearance. But the PBXnSIP only takes Logo Link setting and ignores other settings such as Footer Message and Help Link. Any idea? Thank you!
  12. Hi PBX support, I just PM the call log to you. Please check. Thank you.
  13. The account has the dial plan assigned and it could make outbound calls. It just couldn't call any DID in another domain on the same PBXnSIP server. Thank you.
  14. Hi Snom one/PBXnSIP support: New PBXnSIP release is supposed to fix this problem. But it doesn't. This time the error message is "No dial plan available". Hopefully someone from Snom one/PBXnSIP support can help us with it?
  15. Check http://www.peopleline.net/pstelco/emailandfax.htm or call 604-639-2550.
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