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  1. Hello Mate, <sns:IVROutput> is your answer.. need so have destination and related callid also.. Check this (part of my code): _strResponse.Append("<sns:IVROutput>"); _strResponse.Append("<CallID>" + CallID + "</CallID>"); _strResponse.Append("<Destination>" + Destination + "</Destination>"); _strResponse.Append("</sns:IVROutput>");
  2. thanks for that mate... solved my one of biggest problem...
  3. Hello mates, I'm very new at pbxnsip, still trying understand how to achieve things in it... My scenario is : When the call come, i need to ask a question, i'll record his answer , then play it back to caller and i'll ask press 1 for approval or press 2 for change the message.. I created a soap handler with .NET, can handle the things like forwarding, capturing dtmf etc. My questions are : - How can I play the message back to caller? - How can I determinate path of the recorded message? Does anyone know how? TIA yakdag..
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