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  1. thank you for the two replies and sorry for the late response, but i have been out of office. Will look to try both suggestions today and get back to the forum with the results. jim
  2. Hi, We are considering moving (upgrading) to Coma Berenicids in the near future from 2011- (Mac). One of the perceived benefits is better support for mobiles and the ability to use phones such as the Snom720. However on our dev rig running Apple Mac Lion server and 2011- Coma Berenicids (MacOS) we find that we can not provision the Snom720 phones. We can however provision Snom320. The logging on the PBX (level 9 for Web Server and PNP events) shows the following; [8] 2012/04/11 11:06:08: TFTP: Request for snom720-0004137006D0.htm from [8
  3. We have the same problem here. Everything worked well on version 3 but now that we have upgraded to V4 we can not pickup calls via the buttons. the fault is the same as you described. Since our users are in open offices, they are in the habbit of picking up calls on their neighbours extensions via the buttons (assigned to extensions within their earshot). With this now failing, we have had loads of calls and heart ache. Please sort it our PBXnSIP
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