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  1. Tony

    Fax Setup

    Is it possible to setup the system to automatically route all T.38 traffic to one extension?
  2. Tony

    Fax Setup

    Will CNG tone detection and routing be added in the near future?
  3. Tony

    Fax Setup

    Is this feature offered in pbxnsip or not? One reply indicates it's there and another says "we should make it a feature."
  4. Maybe I am misunderstanding something with the last reply but I do not have a SIP trunk provider or billing issues to deal with. I have a PSTN gateway (Grandstream GXW4104) with 4 lines feeding it. I need to flash the current line and dial the destination number.
  5. With our old Panasonic PBX system, we could transfer an external call to an external number using Flash and then dial the number. After the transfer was complete, all of our incoming lines were clear (I am guessing that the transfer is handled by the PSTN line provider). With pbxnsip, when I forward to an external number, it uses a second channel to make the outgoing call. This now ties up two PSTN lines (versus zero with the old system) for the duration of the call. Is there anyway to configure the software to perform an external call transfer?
  6. Tony

    Fax Setup

    I have tried turning on the inband detection on the Admin - Settings page and using F as the user input on the Direct Destinations section to route the call to extension 100 but it isn't working. The auto attendant never gets a DTMF signal. Are there any special settings that need to be made in the gateway?
  7. Tony

    Fax Setup

    I am testing the pbxnsip as a possible replacement for our old Panasonic PBX. I have managed to get everything configured and working pretty much like I want it except for fax. We have 4 analog lines with one being used for voice and fax both. I am trying to use a Grandstream GXW4104 FXO gateway for the incoming lines and a Grandstream Handytone 486 at the fax machine. I have it configured for T.38 Relay mode. I have the Handytone set to extension 100 and set for T.38 mode. When I test send a fax, the auto attendant picks up and the call will not go through. How do I configure the system to forward fax calls to extension 100 and all other calls to the auto attendant? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  8. On the Snom 320 phone, the phones version of "Extension" type for the function button allows it to both monitor and speed dial. I would use the phones without auto provisioning, but I can't get the "Shared Line" feature to work without it. When I auto provision, I can't use the "Extension" to monitor and speed dial. We would like to have both of these features working. If I could auto provision certain buttons while manually configuring others, I could get it to work. Is this possible or are there plans to add the speed dial functionality to the "Extension" button.
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