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  1. yes thanks, i found the "error". there can be only one caller ringing and waiting to be answered.
  2. I have a problem with my Hunt Group Setup, all calls that comes from outside are configured to go into a defined (with DID) Huntgroup and then are spread to the extensions.... what happens is that while a call is waiting to be taken from an employee, while ringing, and a second call ( or third... ) comes to the same Hunt Group, the call is then placed to the final stage of the setup, i.e. the mailbox... means there can only be one call waiting in the hunt group? is this a bug, a feature or can i define this behavior somewhere? Thanks for your help....
  3. I have some problems to setup the LDAP on my Snom 320. The phone gets the diretory from the Snom one LDAP, but if the caller is in the phoneboox the phone will only show the caller number but not the name. The Firmware is snom320-SIP 8.4.35 on the 320... The Sonom m9r is working for the LDAP lookup, i do have the same config on the 320's but there it is not working, mybee it is just a little button somewhere... Thanks, Sascha
  4. ahh yes it works, here are some line of "code" for the next one... took me some time to test and I think it is working... start VLC from CMD and input these lines: For Radio Paradise, on port 4200 % vlc -vvv http://stream-tx1.radioparadise.com:9048 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=none,acodec=s16l,ab=128,channels=1,samplerate=8000,}:rtp{dst=,port=4200,ttl=1} :sout-keep For Radio Secret Agent, on port 4201 % vlc -vvv http://yp.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=65239 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=none,acodec=s16l,ab=128,channels=1,samplerate=8000}:rtp{dst=,port=4201,ttl=1} :sout-keep this will open the vlc player and start streaming the audio to the ports, you can replace dst= to your localhost on dst= and it is possible to have more than one vlc stream, just add another port. one thing i could not configure is the volume of the output, its to loud at the moment, maybe someone knows how.... if you want to start the stream on system startup you can put a link to the autorun folder.
  5. I have 4.5.. will that work with 16 bit/sample, mono, 8 kHz ?
  6. I think this is not working for MP3 streaming, I mean if the stream is in MP3 format, VLC can not transcode it to the needed CCCIT u-Law format( have not found a codec...and some other problems) . but yes I can rip 1 or 2 hrs of webradio, get it to the right format and then stream that file with VLC... or do you or anyone else have got this to work with MP3-Streaming direct?
  7. ohh, thanks... will try this VLC.
  8. like this: page:5000 moh:6000 codec:ulaw dev:mydevice?? or: page:5000 moh:6000 codec:ulaw dev:my.stream.com:1234???
  9. Uhhh Ohhh yes, Windows Vista I think ... I want to stream a Web station, if possible I put the stream link as dev, otherwise I start VLC and use the audio-out and route it back to the audio-in. but what is the Syntax for the audio in jack? or yes sure if the app can handle a direct stream like: File1=http://stream-tx1.radioparadise.com:9048/ this will we also be great...
  10. What is the Syntax for the device? I'm using Windows Visa Business... Thanks for the help... Parameter Function Example page Defines the port where to listen for RTP traffic. If specified, it binds the socket to the provided address. 5000 moh Defines where to send the MoH stream. If the destination contains only the port number, the destination is the loopback device. 6000 log Sets the log level. Valid levels are 0–9. 5 dev Sets the audio device. ??? priority Defines whether the process should run at high priority or not. True False multicast Joins a multicast address. ptime Specifies the packet length in ms. Multiples of 10 dtmf Defines what codec to use for out-of-band DTMF. map Sets the codec mapping. The argument is a list that maps the codec number to codec names. l16, ulaw, alaw, gsm, g722, and g726 codec Specifies the codec that should be used for sending. The parameter is the name of the codec. ulaw ipv4 Use only IPv4. True ipv6 Use only IPv6. False
  11. [0] 2013/08/07 14:10:10: Last message repeated 8 times [2] 2013/08/07 14:10:10: Web interface triggered reregistration of trunk 4 [0] 2013/08/07 14:10:10: Cannot send packet: No license [0] 2013/08/07 14:10:27: Last message repeated 16 times [5] 2013/08/07 14:10:27: Registration on trunk 4 (test) failed with code 408. Retry in 60 seconds [2] 2013/08/07 14:10:27: Trunk status test (4) changed to "408 Request Timeout" (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds) [0] 2013/08/07 14:10:27: Cannot send packet: No license [0] 2013/08/07 14:10:31: Last message repeated 3 times [5] 2013/08/07 14:10:31: Registration on trunk 4 (test) failed with code 408. Retry in 60 seconds [0] 2013/08/07 14:10:31: Cannot send packet: No license [0] 2013/08/07 14:10:42: Last message repeated 8 times [5] 2013/08/07 14:10:42: Registration on trunk 4 (test) failed with code 408. Retry in 60 seconds [0] 2013/08/07 14:10:43: Cannot send packet: No license [0] 2013/08/07 14:11:03: Last message repeated 6 times [5] 2013/08/07 14:11:03: Registration on trunk 2 (xxxxxxxxxxx) failed with code 408. Retry in 60 seconds [0] 2013/08/07 14:11:22: Cannot send packet: No license
  12. Hello, i just bougt a new Snome One Blue Package, but the system wont register my licence... WHY? Please use the information shown on this web page when you request help from the support team. Version: Zeta Perseids (Win32) Created on: Dec 20 2012 13:03:54 License Status: No license License Duration: Permanent Additional license information: Working Directory: C:\Program Files\snom\snomONE
  13. ahh yes I understand, blame monday, especially the morning, let's see what tuesday will bring on that pages... let me help you: "Sorry folks but version 4.5 is no longer on the snom servers available. Please go and get version 5! If you need version 4.5 , shame on you, how can you want this old version, we don't like it anymore... go and get V5, its all shiny and new!! Better! Faster! Rocksolid! Someone needs to take the links down from this Wiki, but all employees are freaking busy at the moment, It is summer in Germany!!! No time for boring wikistuff... " Thanks for the replay...
  14. ohhh noooooo, try to get the Datasheet or the manual.... http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=The_snom_ONE_SoHo
  15. Hello Forum and hello Snom First I like to tell you that i like your Phones!! But who is responsible for the snomwiki? I just try to download the Installer for the snom PBX 4.5 version.... ahhhh no, am I the only one trying to get these files? What about a shirt like: I went to http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Installers_(Release_4.5) and all i got was that lousy : Not FoundThe requested URL /snomONE/win32/v4.5/snomone- was not found on this server. on all versions for all operating systems.... if you dont want me to download the files take the wikipage down or at least write something about this... but wait, there is one more page with the same filelinks, all dead... http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Downloads is it so hard to keep the page updated?
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