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  1. I tried the same procedure in lab with the free license and add the CSTA trial and worked just fine. Any idea what could get wrong ?
  2. Yes indeed . I gave internet access to the server for about 15 minutes. I put the new key (actually is the same key , ordered again with the trial add-on feature of CSTA) but in System Overview it didn't show the CSTA feature. I tried about 3 times with no result and then I switched the server networks not to be on internet.
  3. Hi , I followed your instructions ordering a trial version of CSTA feature and associate it with the key of the existing bundle in order to perform a demo to the customer but unfortunately it didn't work. I couldn't see the feature in System -> General . The server is isolated from internet and i have manually to connect it to internet just for a while in order to apply the new key and contact with snom servers. What could go wrong ?
  4. I have a premium bundle of 20 users and i add to this license an extra feature (trial at the moment) of CSTA Support. When i put the key again in the general info the csta support didn't show up. When ordering the feature I used the key of the bundle to the shopping card in order to add it . Why it is not showing up ? The trial version is causing this behaviour ? I want to test is before ordering it. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi , I saw your link. The current PBX has already a license. So if I go to Tab General - > Settings-> License and put there the code to add the new feature , i will not lost the current license ? Am I correct ? I will try that to a live environment and i do not want to loose the current license or have big downtime
  6. Hi , A customer with snom one installed with the premium license of 20 users wants to purchase an extra license of the CSTA browser. How i will inser the license to Snom One wihtout loosing the current configuration ? Is there a special procedure to add the new license to the existing one ? Kind Regards
  7. It is the version 5.1.2 and the snom 710 phones has the latest stable version
  8. Hi , I have a customer with SnomONE PBX installed and 10 snom 710 phones which are provisioned with the snom one. The Snom ONe does not have internet access (it is completely isolated). When the phones are powered on they are searching if there is a new firmware to download and because the server do not have internet access they show an error message on the 710 LCD "SW update failed". They do that periodically and they reboot. During that time the users cannot make calls. How can i deactivate this ? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi , I have succesfully installes the TSP and when i use the 'dialer.exe' to make a call to an outlook contact i hear a prompt saying 'press 1 to call the number ..... ' . Is it possible to make the call directly , without this prompt ? How can I instruct the PBX not to play the prompt ? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi , I was wondering if the call transfer feature is available at UC Client. Thanks in advanced
  11. Hi , I am aware of the password and i use the web password. Every time I start up the dialer.exe application in SnomONE logs I get these two error messages : [8] 2013/10/29 10:04:46: CSTA: StartApplicationSession Request from 40@, App id=snom ONE TAPI service provider, invoke id= , timeout=1800 [5] 2013/10/29 10:04:46: CSTA: StartApplicationSession Request failed for 40@, App id=snom ONE TAPI service provider, invoke id= , timeout=1800 I use the free license of SnomONE . is there a possibillity that this license cound not support TSP and click to call feature ?
  12. No , I have uninstalled Lync . I am using windows "dialer.exe" . Could you help me with this ? Is there anything else needed for communicating the PC with the Snom ONE PBX ?
  13. Hi , I follow the instructions exactly from the link :" http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Snom_ONE_TSP " to install the TSP to a windows 7 PC . There is also a hardphone registered with an extension from SnomONE . I managed to install correctly the TSP and configure the "dialer.exe" with the same settings as the extension from the hardphone. But i cannot make calls by clicking a contact in Microsoft Outlook. The dialer shows the indication "Dialing" and it does nothing. I upgraded the version of the PBX to 5.1.2 but stilll the same result. Any ideas ? Kind Regards Theodore
  14. For that "somehow" i am all ears for any suggestions.... I cannot find anything to fit this scenario.
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