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  1. That page says: ----- User agents may subscribe for the dialog state of any extension in the domain. The dialog state is typically used to control a LED on a hard phone, or list the ongoing call on a soft phone display. By default, there is no restriction on who may subscribe to which account. ----- It doesn't say that the pbxnsip can provide the dialog state info of a call to another phone except the destination unless it is a softphone but from what I have read in the forums it is possible. Does anyone have Snom's seeing the status of another phone ( on the display and not just the line light on a button )?
  2. Information is good but can't seem to put my finger on how to implement. An older thread in the snom phone sub-forum says it was working at some point the way I'd like it to but the Wiki docs are really clear about all the options available (probably because of new/updated features that come out).
  3. I have just gotten the demo of pbxnsip downloaded and installed and am trying to get caller-id info to display on the screen of a phone that is monitoring another extension. These phones are Snom 370s. What is the 'dialog-state' style or can anyone tell me the exact steps to make the info appear on the screen of the monitoring station when the monitored user gets a call? Thanks, Brian
  4. The main 2 things I need are the ability to see the call info from a secretary phone when the attorney gets a call and the ability for her to steal that call. On the dialog permission - are you saying it is possible to control what would be shown on the secretary's phone via some access rights settings in the gui per phone? If the attorney received a call, what would show up on the secretary's phone - extension it was to and from info?
  5. I am looking at sip server software that will work with our existing SNOM 370 phones and have seen at least one thread that mentions that the dialog-info settings on the phone work. If my understanding of this is correct, if I set a right-side button to monitor an extension, when that extension receives a call the actual call info will display on my screen show who the call is to and from. Then I can press that blinking button and 'steal' the call to my phone. Is that correct? Thanks, Brian
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