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  1. Jan, We seemed to have fixed the Address book issue. Thanks you so much for your help! I'm comfused as to Communicator controlling our IP Phones (mainly answering and making calls on the deskphone, by clicking buttons in Communicator or Outlook). We were under the impression that this was all doable, with our current setup of OCS & pbxnsip. Is this not the case? Do we need an RCC Server with pbxnsip to control the calls, or is this negated because pbxnsip is a native SIP phone system??? With regards to the OCS Phones, we're going to do some internal testing first before we go ahead and purchase and switch everyone, but now I'm a bit worried. Could you briefly go into the concerns you have with everyone using OCS Phones? -t
  2. Jan, I ran the BPA scan and didn't get any major warnings. I couldn't find any sections where normalization rules were specified. We're still having problems answering calls from Communicator to the desk phones. I can send you the BPA scan xml if you want to take a look and see if you find anything questionable. Also, is it possible to dial a contact from Communicator to the deskphone? Thanks in advance, -t PS I think we're going to go with Communicator Phone Edition phones, but for the time being it'd be nice to get it working with pbxnsip.
  3. Jan, That worked!!!! You're amazing! New problem... We can't redirect the incoming calls to the deskphones. For some reason, in Communicator > Options > Phones (see Communicator Settings.jpg) the option to enter the phone numbers is greyed out, which means it's pulling from AD. But where is it pulling from? We don't seem to have the number entered anywhere in AD (see AD-General.jpg & AD-Telephones.jpg) None of the numbers in AD pertain to the "Work Phone" setting in Communicator Phone Options (see Communicator Settings.jpg). Where does this "Work Phone" setting pull from in AD? Also, I notice that "Enable integration with your phone system" is greyed out. How do we enable this? Thanks in advance, -t
  4. Jan or anyone that can help, I work with Eric and I know you were helping him troubleshoot some Exchange connectivity issues we were having. We seem to have solved the issues thanks to your last post regarding using "9999" instead of "7" in the Exchange trunk. Now we've moved onto OCS connectivity and are able to make calls to external numbers using Communicator. The last issue we are having is calls ringing simultaneously on Communicator when a call comes in. I've attached screen caps and a log file with a test call. Any ideas what's going on here? Also, is it possible to initiate a call from Communicator using the deskphone? How is this done? Thanks for the assitance in advance. -t Incoming_Call_w_no_Communicator_Ring.txt
  5. We are a small business (about 40 people) in Los Angeles with several small offices (about 2-5 users each) around the world and are looking to switch from a Hosted IP Solution to an in-house SIP solution and are seriously considering pbxnsip. We currently have Exchange 2007 and OCS 2007 and are looking to unify our communications/messaging with whatever IPPBX solution we choose. We want to keep all of our existing handsets, mostly Polycom IP 501, 601 and 430s. Also, we are talking to XO Communications to provide us with a 10Mb Dedicated Ethernet connection (we deal with very large files on a daily basis) with SIP Trunking. They have told us that pbxnsip is not officially supported on their list of IPPBXs, although I’m sure it could work seeing as though they are providing us a basic SIP Trunk. Are there any IP Telephony specialists in the LA area who integrate pbxnsip. I’m sure our IT team could do it themselves, but I’d like piece of mind that everything is going to work day 1. If not, what kind of support does pbxnsip offer to help us integrate everything together? We have a few questions, such as: 1. What add’l equipment will we need? Do we need a gateway (such as the AudioCodes Mediant 1000) with XO Communications SIP Trunking or does it terminate directly into pbxnsip? 2. Is there any add’l equipment needed to integrate MS Unified Communications? We already have an Exchange 20007 and OCS 2007 Server. I’m assuming we’ll need to setup a Mediation Server. 3. Is there a visual network topology diagram we can refence to see how the equipment is situated? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We're looking to make this decision in the next 30 days. -t
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