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  1. If there are 30 classroom phones located at a school and the admin makes annoucement over the 30 phones what happens? Does the phone make one multicast call that travels to hosted pbx back to school and then gets sent to all phones or will it make 30 calls to the hosted system and 30 calls back? I need to know this to determine bandwidth requirements. Additionally will multicast be counted as 1 cc call or 30 cc calls?
  2. I have number of customers that already have an existing voip pbx. Can I provide them with sip trunking using pbxnsip. I need to receive inbound calls to multiple dids and pass them on to cisco or other voip pbx, which would then need to pass it to the proper extension.
  3. I did check out the documentation and can't figure out the answer. Main issue is that I can not associate my extension with callcentric incoming phone number alias only works with callcentric account number.
  4. [5] 2009/03/05 16:14:52: Trunk callcentric (not global) sends call to +1777xxxxxx in domain localhost [5] 2009/03/05 16:14:52: Trunk call: Could not identify user is there a setting under trunks to pick up the caller id instead of callcentric account #, I can only route call to extension if I use the cc account number as alias using phone number does not work. I have multiple numbers with cc account and need them routed to specified extensions.
  5. when i try to register trunk with broadvoice I get following msg: Broadvoice 500 Address Resolution Failed (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds) callcentric 500 Address Resolution Failed (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds) I can register the trunks with 3cx no problem [5] 2007/12/31 18:48:02: Registration on trunk 10 (Broadvoice) failed. Retry in 60 seconds [5] 2007/12/31 18:48:03: Registration on trunk 11 (callcentric) failed. Retry in 60 seconds
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