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  1. After entering the license key, we can't activate the PBX. Packet can't be send says the log... Anyone any suggestions??
  2. any way this will be implemented in the near future? Seems a pretty nice feature to me and my clients.
  3. has this feature already been implemented? I cant find it any suggestions?
  4. did that, but the extension light is lid up, but the extension cannot be called.
  5. Matt, it works fine on a 821 phone, not on an 870 model.
  6. When setting the function keys on a snom 870 to extension and then the extension number, the led stays indicating the line is busy, never white. Can you please adjust asap?? I don't know if this something on the phone or on the pbx. both are snom.
  7. Please can you reproduce this? I am not at my clients office anymore.
  8. Seems this only with an assisted transfer. Not when doing a blind transfer.
  9. When transferring external calls to a local extension, only the local extension is shown on the screen. Any way this can also be the external users number??
  10. I have two pbxnsip pbx machines linked via a proxy to one another. The call is pretty good until after 90 seconds the call gets dropped. Anyone any suggestions?? I can't find the setting wher this should be altered.
  11. Hi, we have a pbx set up. Everything works ok on the snom 870 phones. The cisco phone is registered ok, but no one can hear sound. I checked rtp ports, url, dns, codecs are all PCMA... Sounds familiar? Or you have any suggestions? Let me know plz...
  12. I have configured the patton as an extension to the snom pbx. However, I get no audio from this door bell. Please send me in te correct direction. The trunk is ok, registered, rtp ports are set, registration is ok on both the patton and the pbx... Any other suggestions?
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