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  1. My problem is as unique.. I have 2 connections from different ISP's, primary being fibre optic network one and back up being a wireless radio network one I have a router configured to use ISP1(41.xxx.xxx.xxx) as primary connection and ISP2 (196.xxx.xxx.xxx) as backup connection if ISP1 Fails. Ports 5060, 80(http), 443(https), 5060(sip) & 49152-64512(RTP) have been forwarded from ISP1 & ISP2 to Vodia PBX on IP Routing List can only be put as below with only 1 IP (ISP) I would like to ask how do find a way to assign both IP's to communicate with remote phones, I want to configure backup IP address as failure identity in the user agents. Please advise.....
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