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  1. Hello ! Missed calls email notification work perfect. But only if caller stop ringing until station automatically end call out. In that case caller hear message like 'there is no enter to your request' and no email notification has happens. Its going same with voice mailbox enable and disable. So, it seems system consider these calls as 'answered' and does't send notification. We have many customers who are often in a trips, and get mail report about missed calls is very important for em Any idea how to manage that ?
  2. Thank you very much, its work !
  3. may be good idea make this thing optional in extension setting, and if necessary, pbx admin could switch it on or off
  4. Thank for your answer ! Agent group is great thing with many futures. But what about scenario, when caller wanna talk with specific person ? Actually our task is simple - we are working with regular customers who requesting to speak with their own personal managers, and we need simple call waiting future when 2nd call incoming on busy extension, with our own IVR message instead of ordinary ringing sound. Is it possible here ?
  5. +1 Our users aswell asking for this future, any news ?
  6. We are using PBX system 5.2.5 in our company. There is too many incoming calls at same time, our managers are busy talking and we would like to use our own IVR message like 'please,wait for an answer or call later, the number you're calling is busy', when 2nd call incoming to an extension. Any chance to setup this? Aswell manager should be able to reply on 2nd incoming call after finish 1st one or switching between calls. Thanks for advice
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