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  1. Hi, I have service flag created for redirection of out-of-hours calls, and fields in web interface are set as below: mode: automatic Logic: Specify times when flag is not active Monday: 8:30-18:30 .. Friday: 8:30-18:30 However, the behaviour is the opposite - calls are redirected in 8:30-18:30 interval. When I change field "Logic" to "Specify times when flag is active (calls are redirected)", then the flag redirects calls in out-of-hours time. Could it be the bug and labels in "logic" dropdown are inverted? In HTML i see that this dropdown has id "invert" and values "false" = "Specify times when flag is active (calls are redirected)" and "true" = "Specify times when flag is not active" Version 5.5.6 Cheers, Greg
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