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  1. Hi, I contacted Patton's technical support and they made the following change to the configuration: message inbound message-server host.domain.net subscribe explicit retry-timeout on-system-error 10 retry-timeout on-server-error 10 (host.domain.net) is the actual server, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Now I get a message-summary subscription, but the MWI on the Patton is not triggered. I've attached the registration data. Here's the debug output from the Patton when it registers with the message-summary server. Wherever there were duplicate lines I removed them. 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CData(0x133f0e0)::get() -> local value 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CMwiSubscription(0x133efb0)::removeDynamicMwiNotifier() 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x133efb0)::removeElement(dynamic-mwi-notifier) 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x133efb0)::notifyElementRemove(dynamic-mwi-notifier) 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x133efb0)::notifyChange() 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x13273a8)::notifyElementChange(message-subscription) 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CIdentity(0x13273a8)::notifyMwiSubscriptionChange() 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CData(0x1361e90)::get() -> local value 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x13273a8)::notifyChange() 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x13dfb38)::notifyDestroying() 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CData(0x13dfb38)::~LS_CData() 14:13:51 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x13dfb38)::setBase(0x0) 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CData(0x13f60f8)::get() -> local value 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CMwiSubscription(0x133efb0)::removeDynamicMwiNotifier() 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x133efb0)::removeElement(dynamic-mwi-notifier) 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CMwiSubscription(0x133efb0)::setDynamicMwiNotifier(host.domain.net:5060) 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CData(0x1097fe0)::LS_CData() 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CData(0x1097fe0)::get() -> create local 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x1097fe0)::notifyChange() 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x133efb0)::addElement(dynamic-mwi-notifier, 0x1097fe0) 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x133efb0)::notifyElementAdd(dynamic-mwi-notifier) 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x133efb0)::notifyChange() 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x13273a8)::notifyElementChange(message-subscription) 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CIdentity(0x13273a8)::notifyMwiSubscriptionChange() 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CData(0x1361e90)::get() -> local value 14:14:01 SIP_LS> LS_CElement(0x13273a8)::notifyChange() I cannot seem to find any debug information in the log file on the Vodia PBX. I've also sent all of this to Patton's technical support and am still waiting to hear back. I don't know what data needs to be coming from the PBX and if the Patton can even parse that data. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Brian
  2. We're trying to configure a Patton SmartNode 4118 to connect to a hosted Vodia server for a client. We've got it to connect, place and receive calls with no issue. We cannot however get the MWI stutter tone to work. It is enabled on the mailbox for the extension and it is enabled on the FXS interface, but that doesn't seem to be enough to get it to work. Does anyone have any insight on this? Here's the config on the port: interface fxs IF_FXS_1 route call dest-table RT_DIGITCOLLECTION no call-waiting message-waiting-indication stutter-dial-tone call-transfer caller-id-presentation mid-ring caller-id-format bell subscriber-number 100 Thanks, Brian
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