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  1. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 63.0.5. I'm trying to integrate it with Zoho CRM and getting below error. [9] 3:05:56.822 SCRI: Event zoho-oauth-code has 1 callback [4] 3:05:56.959 CRM: Unable to obtain Zoho OAuth token [2] 3:05:56.959 SCRI: Script error HTTP callback for accounts.zoho.com:443 (2294) Please advise.
  2. Hi, did anyone get a chance to look into this?
  3. Hi, Can you please give me any clue on it?
  4. I've a client having below requirements. Caller call on a DID listed on PBX. It plays an auto-attendant message and ask for "for billing, press 2", when caller press 2, system should send a predefined text message to caller number. How can I achieve this?
  5. Hi, Can we use Twilio to send and receive text messages from Vodiapbx? I'm at version 65.0.6.
  6. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 60.0.3 on Debian 64 bit. When I restart pbx service it takes around 30 minutes to restart the pbx service. The size of PBX folder is 9 GB. Please advise why it takes too much time.
  7. Okay thanks. Please let us know once this feature is available to confirm the number before hangup the call.
  8. Hi, I'm using Vodia 63.0.5 and I'm using agent group call back feature. I've set key 2 for the call back and attached are my settings. As soon someone press 2 for the call back system hang up the call and I see the caller number in outbound calling. But I want to make sure this is the way how it should work? Because as someone press 2 before hangup system should speak the caller number and give him option if he want to change his number and keep the same number. Please advise
  9. Ring Melody is helping me, but it's the same ringtone on the phone when call coming in via Hunt Group or from auto-attendant someone dial extension directly.
  10. Hi, I'm using vodia version 60.0.3. Can we set different ring tone for Hunt group and when people calling directly to extensions from auto-attendant. I know we can set "Ring Melody" in hunt group. But my client want when call came in via Hunt group it should be a different ringtone and when people directly dial extension from auto-attendant there should be a different ringtone. Client is using Yealink T46S phones. Please advise
  11. Hi, I'm using Vodia Version 65.0.6. I've installed Vodia android app "Vodia Phone" for webrtc. While I'm logged in, in setting there is a different Language set. How can I change it to English.
  12. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 64.0.4 on Debian. How can I install Letsencrypt on it? I've a A record created and appointed to PBX. Thank You
  13. Hi, I've installed Vodia Version 63.0.4 and I've applied License 5TR-YTE-AMS-APR. I want to integrate Microsoft Teams with Vodia. Still I'm not able to see Team option under extension or Trunk. Please advise.
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