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  1. I tested no difference. Right now the format is $r/$o/$n/$d-$t-$i-$n-$u.wav
  2. Hi, I'm using version 60.0.3. Under recording/cdr the Record Location format is $r/$o/$a/$d-$t-$i-$n-$u.wav. When the call is being recorded in the directory it save with this format 20190814-104859-o-208-2125651111.wav. Here 2125651111 is the ANI of extension 208 while it should be remote party/calling number. Please advise how can I get calling number there instead of extension ANI through I can find where call has been made. Thank You
  3. Hi, I am using Vodia version 63.0.4. In agent group system automatically logged out agents sometimes. It happen often. Sometimes it's also removed the extensions automatically from "Extensions that may log in or out (* for all)". Please advise.
  4. It's the same-thing. Logically when extension is open for provision it should not ask for username and password.
  5. I tried both things but no luck. It's still asking for the username password.
  6. Hi, I upgraded PBX to version 63.0.4. I provisioned my yealink phone and it get provisioned. But before if I open extension for provisioning and then put the URL in browser "https://{PBX-IP}:443/yealink-001565A95ABE.cfg" I was able to open cfg file on my computer and I was able to check config file. Right now if I open it into the browser it ask for username and password (even extension is open for provision) and username password is not working at all Please advise
  7. Hi, I'm using agent group call back feature at Vodia version 60.0.3. When People left number for call back agent receive call from system *55xxx, agent pickup and system prompt to use call back press 1, call back starts, when call ended agent press # to mark it as not to read number again. Now If in outbound calling listed there is a number status OK, system does not call rest of numbers until you delete it. Agent receive call press 1 to start call back but hangup as soon as press 1. Once you delete the number having status OK it works. Please advise.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm using Vodia 62.0. Is there a way I can provision Mitel 5360 phone. I know I can manually configure but I want auto provisioning. Please advise. Thank You
  9. Does it really matter what trunk provider am I using? Below are my trunk settings and with the same provider and settings it works perfect prior all versions. #Trunk 4 aadr: analog: false bcp: behind_nat: false cid_update: cobusy: 500 Line Unavailable codec_lock: true codecs: codest: cur: dial_extension: dialplan: dir: dis: false domain: 9 dtmf: false dtmf_mode: earlymedia: true expires: 3600 failover: except_busy fraction: 128 from_source: ppi from_user: glob: global: true hcv: hd: hf: {from} hpai: {trunk} hppi: hpr: {if clip true}id{fi clip true} hrpi: hru: {request-uri} ht: {to} icid: ignore_18x_sdp: false interoffice: false minimum: 10 minor: name: Test outbound_proxy: sip:xxx.xxx.xxx pcap: false prack: true prefix: redirect: false reg_account: reg_display: reg_keep: reg_registrar: xxx.xxx.xxx reg_user: remote_party: request_timeout: 15 require: rfcrtp: false ring180: false rtcpxr: false rtp_begin: rtp_end: send_email: sip_port: status: tel: true trusted: false type: gateway use_epid: false use_history: false use_uuid: false user_defined_hdr: uuid: wrtc_dest_name: wrtc_dest_number:
  10. I know park orbit works perfect. But our client is insisting to not use it. They want when they putt a call on hold on other phones a line/button should indicate that there is a call and pressing that button they can retrieve that held call. I'm using the same feature via Co-lines on Snom and it's working perfect.
  11. I just need to know about that hold concern. Simply please let me know if it's going to work or no as it works on snom phones?
  12. No I do not want two extensions using the same extension number. Please read below. "suppose there are two phone A ext 200 and B ext 201. Phone A get a call and put that call on hold, a button should blink on phone B and by pressing that button he should be able to retrieve that hold call. I'm using same feature on snom phones and it's working perfect but do now know how can I achieve it on Cisco". Please advise.
  13. I know about park orbit. But I want to achieve above how can I get it?
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