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  1. Ring Melody is helping me, but it's the same ringtone on the phone when call coming in via Hunt Group or from auto-attendant someone dial extension directly.
  2. Hi, I'm using vodia version 60.0.3. Can we set different ring tone for Hunt group and when people calling directly to extensions from auto-attendant. I know we can set "Ring Melody" in hunt group. But my client want when call came in via Hunt group it should be a different ringtone and when people directly dial extension from auto-attendant there should be a different ringtone. Client is using Yealink T46S phones. Please advise
  3. Hi, I'm using Vodia Version 65.0.6. I've installed Vodia android app "Vodia Phone" for webrtc. While I'm logged in, in setting there is a different Language set. How can I change it to English.
  4. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 64.0.4 on Debian. How can I install Letsencrypt on it? I've a A record created and appointed to PBX. Thank You
  5. Hi, I've installed Vodia Version 63.0.4 and I've applied License 5TR-YTE-AMS-APR. I want to integrate Microsoft Teams with Vodia. Still I'm not able to see Team option under extension or Trunk. Please advise.
  6. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 60.0.3. While I'm logged in as user portal I can make outbound calls. Is there a way I can receive calls too?
  7. Please check this. We have integrated VodiaPBX with NextCloud. So PBX portal is opening under "https://cloud.bmps.com/index.php/apps/external/1". It's embedded.
  8. Hi, I've integrated VodiaPBX with Nextclould. Vodia has version 60.0.3. When I'm using webRTC going from nextcloud it gives me "media error". I tested on all browser and it has same thing. If I simply go from domain it works. Please advise. I'm attaching logs and error. Logs
  9. Hi, I'm using Vodia 60.0.3 version. How Can I change the ring back tone for a domain when calling out. For example I've extension extension 200 and when I call out it play a ring back tone to me. Can it be changed? I know there is an option to change ring back source in Hunt Group or Domain setting but that works when people call in to that domain so caller hear that ring back. But I need it when calling out? Does it make sense? Thank You
  10. I changed the SIP Password on an extension and phone got deregistered at the same time.
  11. Yes this is the problem, Phones are Fortinet which can not provisioned via Vodia and I program them manually. Now what is the solution?
  12. If he create a new SIP password. The desk phone will deregister. right? Because desk phone is using still old SIP password.
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