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  1. Is it like this, suppose I've a Hunt group 400, and I've registered a phone as extension 200. Now on this phone I configure a key as BLF 400. Now if someone calling at 400 on my phone I see BLF line gonna red that mean call is ringing at hunt group 400, so by just pressing that configured key I can take that call? Is it how it will work?
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me please how can we use this feature "Enable call pickup from extension BLF" in the hunt group. I read the vodia document but did not understand complete. Thank You
  3. Hi, I believe *97 star code is for voicemail not call recording. My concern is how can I listen recorded call not voicemail.
  4. I'm trying at version 63.0.5. Which logs you needed?
  5. Hi, I'm at Vodia version 63.0.5. I recorded a call via star code *93 and I see that recording under extension mailbox. When I dial *85 to listen the recording system start saying "end of message". Please advise. Thank You
  6. I want some help regarding billing module. I'm trying to integrate Freshbooks API using the documentation provided by Vodia. But some how when I test the configuration there is no message on Vodia and no invoice on my Freshbooks as well. I've tested the setup with both Classic version of API and oAuth as well. On oAuth the url provided in Vodia Documentation to get approval never takes me to my freshbooks and it never gets Authenticated. Please help.
  7. Okay I got it, but its not creating a invoice at freshbook. Any Idea?
  8. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 63.0.5. What is "Plan" under monthly billing and where can I select it?
  9. Hi, yes email part is working good. System generate email at midnight. only this part "Send daily CDR report at (24 hour format, 15 minute intervals)" is not working.
  10. I also enabled log and it just say below. [5] 13:15:30.276 APP: Sending midnight email for 200 Here 200 is agent group.
  11. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 63.0.5. In Agent group option "Send daily CDR report at (24 hour format, 15 minute intervals)" I defined time to send at 12:30 but it's not sending. I tried different time like 12:00, 12:30, 12:45 but none of them worked. If I click on Try above I receive CDR at the same time. Please advise
  12. I tested no difference. Right now the format is $r/$o/$n/$d-$t-$i-$n-$u.wav
  13. Hi, I'm using version 60.0.3. Under recording/cdr the Record Location format is $r/$o/$a/$d-$t-$i-$n-$u.wav. When the call is being recorded in the directory it save with this format 20190814-104859-o-208-2125651111.wav. Here 2125651111 is the ANI of extension 208 while it should be remote party/calling number. Please advise how can I get calling number there instead of extension ANI through I can find where call has been made. Thank You
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