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  1. You mean when user is on hold that time Action URL triggered?
  2. I've an API from my carrier which support GET or POST. I want to trigger that API when somebody call to IVR Node.
  3. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 67. Can you please let me know when in IVR Node when action URL trigger?
  4. Hi, I've Vodia version 67 and I'm using VoipInnovation to send text messages from Vodia and it's working fine. One of client requested that they want this solution. For example caller call to auto-attendant and press option 2, once he press option 2 he would receive a predefined text message. How we can achieve this?
  5. Hi All, any update for me? Can we use Peerless API to send text messages or not?
  6. We have a vendor "Peerless" they provided us this URL to send text messages. They have provides us below URL, username and password. http://<IP address of Peerless server>/sms
  7. My concern is where can I add Peerless API to authenticate? http://<IP address of Peerless server>/sms
  8. I followed that. If we select Bandwidth so obviously hardcoded API selected by Vodia. Where can I use peerless API. I've below API from peerless. http://<IP address of Peerless server>/sms
  9. Hi, we have peerless API for text messages, how we can use it? We have API, username and secret. We want to use it to send and receive text messages. I'm using Vodia Version 65. Please advise.
  10. Hi All, I'm using Vodia 66.0.6. I've some concerns about Agent Group call back feature. 1) When caller press 1 or other key to left the number for the call back, as soon as caller press the key system hang-up the call. Instead system should announce the confirmation or repeat the caller number or give caller option to change the number if they want. None of them exist, please advise. 2) When system initiate the call back, agent see call is coming from *55(Agent Group Number), agent pickup the call and system announce 1 and upon pressing 1 system start calling to numbers have l
  11. Hi, I'm using Vodia version 63.0.5. I'm trying to integrate it with Zoho CRM and getting below error. [9] 3:05:56.822 SCRI: Event zoho-oauth-code has 1 callback [4] 3:05:56.959 CRM: Unable to obtain Zoho OAuth token [2] 3:05:56.959 SCRI: Script error HTTP callback for accounts.zoho.com:443 (2294) Please advise.
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