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  1. Hi Support, Are there any plans to start supporting the Grandstream GDMS RPS platform in the future? I still cannot get the GAPS RPS to work for GS phones, its been over a year, so I've abandoned them. But the pricepoint for the new GRP series is quite attractive. Any way forward? --JM
  2. Hey Guys, Running 62.0.3 (CentOS64) Build Date: Jan 20 2019 06:42:43, followed all the needed instructions, but can't use the RPS service from GS. I entered the needed username and password in the settings, but the RPS still shows no active devices. What needs to happen these days to get the Auto-Provisioning working again? I was hoping that the needed changes would have been made by now to get in-the-box provisioning sorted out like SNOM, so I don't have to login to web admin to point to the server for the XML... Any updates? Thanks!
  3. I'm on a public IP, the DNS is already set, and by luck I'm already using DNS Made Easy. All ports are available. I'll call when support opens up today and get some help from support, as they are not being issued for me. I can't get Grandstream GAPS (RPS) working either, and I want to get this all sorted. I'm feeling quite disillusioned with Vodia's auto-provisioning..
  4. Hi Support, Completed Steps 1 and 3, Reset all browsers and reset the caches. Still using Vodia Root Cert. Didnt see anything in the Logs that Lets Encrypt! ran or associated itself. Send me an email when you can can and I can let you into the system for some help. My aim is to keep the TLS running for the SNOM phones and secure the Web SSL. Thanks! --JM
  5. That tiltle sounds like the title of a tech book... Anyway, Hi all, We're relatively new with Vodia, and I'm looking for an SSL certificate that will: Work for my wildcard domain Provision properly with the SNOM phones for TLS (This is the hard part) Secure the web interface, with or with out the greenbar, just dont want an SSL error on my login page... Won't make me take out a second mortgage on my home. In a perfect world, I wonder if there is a way to use my SSL cert with another 2 levels, such as "https://customer.server1.mydomain.com" but I can be flexible on the naming convention as we are just starting out... Is there a way I can check with SSL providers which certs use which CA's? Has anyone else had any luck within the past few months, or any long time standing working well certificates? A link with which product worked for you would be awesome. I just don't wanna invest in a cert that SNOM doesnt like, and it would be great to be pushed in the right direction. Thanks for your help! --JM
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