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  1. I am trying to use a Configuration Server (Filezilla FTP) to default Polycom 601 telephones. Lately, I am getting 10 to 20 Soundpoint 601 return/trade-in phones a day. So, rather that using the keypad or web browser method, I would like to automate the process without using the MAC Address of the phone. I can work with Node.js. Idealy, I would like to have found something equal to a "Format File System" that could be done programmatically. After much searching the Web, nothing was found. Here is one method that I thought would work, but it looks like it isn't. Among the other basic settings in the 000000000000.cfg file I have the following line: <APPLICATION_SPIP601 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP601="sip_318.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP601="phone1_318.cfg, device1.cfg, 000000000000-phone.cfg, sip_318.cfg"/> I used Wireshark and verified that the 000000000000-phone.cfg file was requested by the phone and delivered the contents by Filezilla. The only contents of the 000000000000-phone.cfg, is <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <PHONE_CONFIG> <OVERRIDES/> </PHONE_CONFIG> I found that contents as a way to clear the overrides but it did not work. Is anyone aware of a basic method to defualt the phones via the 000000000000.cfg route? Thanks...
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