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  1. What else has changed in 67.0.5? I can't see the release documented in the release notes
  2. I've resolved this. Every system I've provisoned the handset from sets this value thus The vodia template however has Change the value from 15 to 0 in the template and it should work. I can't see how this has slipped through testing at Vodia...but it seems to have done. Grandstream didn't change the behaviour of the setting rather Vodia changed the value in the template from 0 to 15
  3. I've found that if I configure a handset manually, not using a template, then the registration holds. If I attempt to provision from a template then the registration is unstable. Must be something in the GXP21XX template that produces a dud config file
  4. No it wasn't changed...I've been working with grandstream developers on trying to resolve this for some weeks now and they can't get to the bottom of it. "Reregister Before Expiration (in seconds)" is set to 0 as default on the fw in question and those before it. The issue relates to the GXP21XX series with fw and and only with Vodia. The exact same config on the handset works as expected with 3CX, Grandstream UCM, Freepbx, asterisk but never on Vodia
  5. There's a feature in we need for remote handset management. I've tried everything I can think of to resolve this including ending traces and syslog to Grandstream and talking to their firmware engineers. I'm going to have to move my customers to another system . It's disappointing to hear comments such as from Vodia support. Shows little or no appreciation for their customers
  6. It only happens on Works fine on, and previous. This happens on 67.0.1, 67, 67.0.2, 67.0.3 and 67.0.4. Handsets were provisioned from the Vodia server as usual. So would I but the evidence is incontrovertible Yes it should be working...but the reality is it isn't
  7. I found this on all the GXP21XX handsets. They work on other systems (3CX, Asterisk, Grandstream UCM) but not Vodia. I flagged it up to Grandstream and had several long conversations with them and we weren't able to resolve it. It seems to be a real issue and if Vodia can't resolve it we'll have to move away from Vodia. I was under the impression Vodia supported Grandstream, the implication being they test against Grandstream beta firmware but this can't be the case
  8. Version 67.1 doesn't have the backup option at System->Maintenance->Software Update. Where is it now
  9. We're using https:// al round
  10. I've had a lot of issues with the QR code especially with iOS. The one in the user portal almost always works, the one in the management console usually works and the one in the email never works. Similar for Android in that the email almost never works and the others as above. Really annoying for customers as we always have to direct them to the web portal as the easier one, in the email, is so flaky
  11. I've been through this in the UK the hard way! I identify international calls with 00* in the pattern and 00* in the replacement. To match an 11 digit number beginning 01 - 08 it's ^0([1-8]{1}[0-9]{9}) in the pattern and sip:\0\1\2@\r in replacement. Therefore if you want to identify 07 numbers the pattern should be ^0([7]{1}[0-9]{9}) and sip:\0\1\2@\r in replacement. Bear in mind though that although all mobile numbers in the UK start with 07 not all 07 numbers are mobile numbers. Those starting 070 are personal numbers so you really need to block them. I have a comprehensive UK dial plan covering emergency numbers, barring premium rate etc we use for all out customers if you want to get in touch
  12. Does that mean the vodia app needs android 10?
  13. I uninstalled the older app and tried to install this on my motorola g(8) power lite with android. Play store tells me the app is incompatible with my device? Yet I was able to install the previous app??
  14. It seems that the app wouldn't accept certificate I added, a Letsencrypt cert. If I deleted that and wait for the pbx to generate one then it works. Having done that I can see that the text in Add contact, edit contact & Settings is in German. How can I get this text in English
  15. Trying to provision the Vodia Android app with the QR code. Start the app and I can see a button to scan QR. Press this and scan the QR Code in the welcome email. It takes me back to the proginal screen. I've tried the QR in the admin console...same result. What am I missing here
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