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  1. Version 67.1 doesn't have the backup option at System->Maintenance->Software Update. Where is it now
  2. We're using https:// al round
  3. I've had a lot of issues with the QR code especially with iOS. The one in the user portal almost always works, the one in the management console usually works and the one in the email never works. Similar for Android in that the email almost never works and the others as above. Really annoying for customers as we always have to direct them to the web portal as the easier one, in the email, is so flaky
  4. I've been through this in the UK the hard way! I identify international calls with 00* in the pattern and 00* in the replacement. To match an 11 digit number beginning 01 - 08 it's ^0([1-8]{1}[0-9]{9}) in the pattern and sip:\0\1\2@\r in replacement. Therefore if you want to identify 07 numbers the pattern should be ^0([7]{1}[0-9]{9}) and sip:\0\1\2@\r in replacement. Bear in mind though that although all mobile numbers in the UK start with 07 not all 07 numbers are mobile numbers. Those starting 070 are personal numbers so you really need to block them. I have a comprehensive
  5. Does that mean the vodia app needs android 10?
  6. I uninstalled the older app and tried to install this on my motorola g(8) power lite with android. Play store tells me the app is incompatible with my device? Yet I was able to install the previous app??
  7. It seems that the app wouldn't accept certificate I added, a Letsencrypt cert. If I deleted that and wait for the pbx to generate one then it works. Having done that I can see that the text in Add contact, edit contact & Settings is in German. How can I get this text in English
  8. Trying to provision the Vodia Android app with the QR code. Start the app and I can see a button to scan QR. Press this and scan the QR Code in the welcome email. It takes me back to the proginal screen. I've tried the QR in the admin console...same result. What am I missing here
  9. rtl

    User password

    As my customers are corporate none of them use google email nor do they use facebook to login. If I choose to use email to distribute QR and/or passwords it entails additional work our end to extract these, compose emails and send them. We always use encrypted email with customers when sending any account credentials anyway
  10. rtl

    User password

    Given that almost all my customers use hosted services asking them to distribute passwords and/or QR codes via paper, or another non email method is a non starter. If I suggested it to them, which I haven't I'd simply be laughed at especially as I have over 600 3CX hosted PBX systems I was looking to migrate to Vodia over the next 12 months or so
  11. rtl

    User password

    I'm at version 64.0.3 (Debian64) and the welcome email doesn't include the password. All I see is the domain and a message asking me to change the password and PIN
  12. rtl

    User password

    And if I haven't provisioned a handset what is it? It should be in the welcome email where it used to be
  13. rtl

    User password

    Where can I find the password for the user to log in to the user portal. It's not in the welcome email anymore
  14. Trying to get MOH working on my hosted vodia. If I upload a file to the domain MOH I can see and play the file. I set the extension MOH source to the file. If I call the extension then put the call on hold I'd expect to hear the MOH and the caller end but don't
  15. rtl


    Returning to the question of registering a softphone, how do I get the authID for an extension. The softphone asks me for a username and authid to register. If I use the extension number or <extno>@<domain> as authid registration fails with username or password not found
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