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  1. rtl

    MOH not heard

    Trying to get MOH working on my hosted vodia. If I upload a file to the domain MOH I can see and play the file. I set the extension MOH source to the file. If I call the extension then put the call on hold I'd expect to hear the MOH and the caller end but don't
  2. rtl


    Returning to the question of registering a softphone, how do I get the authID for an extension. The softphone asks me for a username and authid to register. If I use the extension number or <extno>@<domain> as authid registration fails with username or password not found
  3. rtl

    Zoiper email

    Trying to send a zoiper provisioning file to a new extension and see this in the logfile Email isn't sent. I know I can send emails from that domain as welcome and test emails work
  4. rtl


    Yes I have but I need a handset to make a call from the user portal. Unless I'm missing something obvious and there's a way to make a call without a handset registered
  5. rtl


    That doesn't address the issue of registering a handset that doesn't have a vodia template where I need an authid to register the handset
  6. rtl


    Yes it will work with the authid as the acount name but I can't get the authid thats the whole point. The 3CX softphone works with asterisk, the Grandstream UCM series but we need the authid as a username which isn't necessarily the same as the account name/number. A second point that leads from this is how can I register a handset that doesn't have a template. An example right now is the grandstream WP820. Again I need an authid to register
  7. rtl


    I know there's an android app but that doesn't work on windows. I'm trying to migrate users from 3CX to Vodia. To make it easier for them I'd prefer to use the softphone they have now which works on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It just seems odd that we can't find and use the authID for these purposes when every other pbx I've come across I can do that. It seems restrictive to me and frankly is a real deal breaker. I'm going to have to rethink using Vodia now
  8. rtl


    Thats no good as I'd lose all the functionality in the current version! Is there no way I can get the authid of an extension then for a softphone??
  9. rtl


    The softphone is able to register to any SIP server. However I need the account number and AuthID plus password to register. The account number is the extension, the password I can generate myself but Vodia generates the authid and I can't find it. If I use the account number as the authid it fails with wrong username (authid) or password. If I regsiter one of our grandstream handsets for example, the account number is the extension number but the authid is the handset's MAC So the question remains, how do I retrieve, or set, the authid on an extension so I can register a softphone to my Vodia server
  10. rtl


    I want to use the 3CX softphone (V6) with Vodia but I need the authid to register. How can I either set the authID of find it if its autogenerated
  11. rtl

    User page permissions

    OK, missed the obvious here. I can't see a way to change permissions for Lync, Exchange but I can remove them by editing the user page in customisations. Not ideal but it works
  12. I can see how to disable web password/SIP password and so on on the user portal but I can't see how to disable the settings for Lync, exchange etc. Is this possible
  13. rtl

    Dial Plan Comments

    Ah...yes that would work. Thanks
  14. I'm trialling Vodia and one feature I'd like to see is a comment field for each dial plan entry. Makes life easier for me and for those that follow to quickly see what the entry is for
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