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  1. Yes we are on 64.x already. You mean, to install the phones only without the base? What i see is, that the Vodia is sending a config file and the M700 receives it with some parameters, but it adds it in the wrong fields. Like servername and registrar is wrong there, where it should be the extension number and vice versa.
  2. Hello, we are trying to set up the M700 DECT base with Autoprovisioning. Is there any Tutorial online? I just found an old release document Release Note 525 where it should be supported. I tried now to add it with the MAC address but i dont see the M700 in the drop down menu so i set "other devices" but it still doesnt work. Any tips? Manual setup at least? The URL https://vodia.com/documentation/snom_m700.pdf does not work anymore. BR myTweak
  3. Seriously??? That are a lot of sub sites where i dont even know the function and must search for the name in html code. This is a lot of work and this should be included in the Templates. Is there at least a list or something like in Templates? Im just wondering why is there a Template edit function when half of the sub categories remains blue.
  4. Looks better so far. That changed now the Extensions to "green", which we need. But the Domain names, Extension Menu, Menu Buttons, the MAC adresses, Trunks, Dial plans, Call History, still appears blue.
  5. Tried that already... also with different browsers where we never opened the vodia pbx portal. It is clear that it loads the #337ab7 color from another css file which i cant edit.
  6. We did that already and i changed all the #337ab7 to our color #719430 but when i click on Domains -> List, the domains still appear in #337ab7 (blue) and the parameter points to a bootstrap-3.3.7.min.css but i cant edit this page
  7. We have tested the site on more pcs and with different browsers and also cleared the browser cache. If someone can point me to the section in the appearance.css where to edit the subcategories, then this would be helpfull. Maybe i overlooked something...
  8. Hello, is it possible to edit the subcategories in css? It loads styles from another css file which i dont see in the template list. I just want to set the color green like we have it now in the appearance.css. So far the index looks fine with the company color but the domain list and sub buttons are still blue. Br myTweak
  9. Thanks. Yes, we used this link as a guide and the web server is enabled like mentioned in my 1st post. We are testing it in the local LAN. I tried now to provision it manually but we dont even see an auth connection in the logs. I know, its rather an old model, but we want to try it.
  10. Ok, thanks. I will try it manually.
  11. Hello, we are trying to set up an older Model of the Panasonic. Actually it should work when activating the Web Server, what i did. But Autoprovisioning is not working. The firmware has been updated and the Vodia is the new version 64 Any idea what we can try next? Br myTweak
  12. @Support @Vodia PBXThanks for the hint, we tried now a local DNS for company1 and tried to auth with user 50 only (without the @domain). This way Zoiper works. But when we have multi domain, then it adds 2x the @. One is for the Domain and one for the registrar. So for testing purposes, this is fine now. Later we will have public DNS entries.
  13. Hello community, we are trying to set up the Zoiper android app with Multidomain with separate Trunks for every domain. So with Email, it also generates now the QR-code with user@company1 domain for the login. So with the Vodia Android App it works fine, but Zoiper doesnt recognize the User@domain1 or the IP-Adress. Is there any info or tutorial regarding Zoiper and Multidomain configuration? Br myTweak
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