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  1. Yes I did. I finally managed to get it work by adding the auth in the header of the request : hash = base64encode("user@pbxdomain:password") url = "https://pbxdomain/remote_call.htm?user=" + urlencode("user@pbxdomain") + "&dest=" + number + "&auth=" + urlencode(hash) + "&connect=true" header = Authorization: Basic hash Without the header part, I was still having the authentication popup.
  2. I don't have an account on support.vodia.com. Can you please provide me one or send me via direct message the js template that you mentionned ?
  3. So I tried again to integrate links according to https://doc.vodia.com/click2dial document. None of different links worked as expected : http://pbx/remote_call.htm?user=123&extension=true&dest=123456789&time=current_time&duration=3600&auth=hash I tried with user 101@pbx_domain, 101 and for "auth" field I tried with both 101@pbx_domain and 101. No success, it shows me the authentication popup http://pbx/remote_call.htm?user=123%40domain.com&dest=123456789&auth=MTIzQGRvbWFpbi5jb206cGFzc3dvcmQ%3D i tried with many users and passwords, no success neither. it shows the autentication popup. What is weird is that when I fill in the popup the user and password, the autentication does not work. Whereas, when I use the same credentials to log in https://pbx_domain, it's working. Did I miss something ? Is it a configuration mistake of my pbx provider ?
  4. ok thank you for your proposal, I will open a ticket. Concerning the link to the click2dial document, I will try again tomorrow but last time I tried, it didn't work. It always challenged me with user and password
  5. Hello everyone, I'm trying to integrate some Vodia services to our personnal ERP. Here is the situation : A company is hosting our pbx : for example company.pbx.com We are hosting our ERP : for example erp.com Is it possible to initiate a js WebSocket inside a script hosted by our ERP to the pbx ? I tried several authentication methods without any success. Another problem : I want to integrate call buttons inside pages of our ERP (according to the documentation https://api.vodia.com/click-to-call_api) but I didn't manage to get rid of the authentication popup. And by the way, the autentication popup failed to let me in when I fill in the correct login and password. Is the documentation still valid ? Thanks in advance for your help.
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