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  1. I have spent two years now trying to get snomone to run properly on a Mac - to no avail. I wish I had known how much time I would need to spend to just get basic functions running - and I would not have even considered snom. My setup: Mac OS X 10.7.5 server. Here are some of my 'highlights': 1) All online documentation is completely outdated - no upgrade instructions are provided, installation is totally different than documented, and no one know what this snom admin console is for. 2) The Web interface intermittently stops working - for no reason - all you get on the login site is a blank, empty HTML page. 3) To this date, I have been unable to get the most simple function to work: sending emails! The SMTP server even runs on the same physical server !! I keep getting auth errors even though user and password are right - and yes, I have all the certificates uploaded. 4) On occassion, a reboot will completely wipe all settings back to factory settings. For now, I would be happy if I got SMTP to work. Can't we just use sendmail instead? Again, my SMTP mail server resides on the same physical machine, user name and password are right, Certificates match, and we do not use TLS server side - so that would even make the certificate obsolete. Any fasttrack solution?
  2. OK Thank you, I figured that out, and it is now looking to connect to port 90. But still, the IP is listed as : [5] 20110413152925: Starting threads[0] 20110413152925: Could not bind socket to port 90 on IP[0] 20110413152925: FATAL: Could not open TCP port 90 for HTTP/HTTPS[0] 20110413152925: Could not bind socket to port 90 on IP [::][0] 20110413152925: FATAL: Could not open TCP port 90 for HTTP/HTTPS[0] 20110413152925: Could not bind socket to port 444 on IP Something doesn't seem right here... Any further ideas? I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem as I'm working on an out-of-the-box new snow leopard server system.
  3. Oh and yes I have tried the other builts that were mention in some other post, so I am now on pbxctrl version As I dig into this, here's something odd: ./pbxctrl-darwin9.0 --no-daemon --log 9 gives me: Could not bind socket to port 80 on IP - WHY?! First, I set my httpd port to 90 in pbx.xml Second, my IP certainly is not - what's wrong here? Thanks
  4. OK, I'm trying to install snomone on a Snow Leopard Server. I did everything as instructed, ran the installation program which apparently succeded. But I can't access the http://localhost admin interface. I have changed the ports in the pbx.xml file to ports that are available on my system, such as http port 83. But I can't connect to localhost:83 either. I dont see that fancy admin interface. Here's as far as my diagnostic skills have taken me: - I have ports in pbx.xml that are available. - There is no error log in my /usr/Applications/snomone directory as some other post suggested should be there if there were port conflicts. - I have tried to manually PBX stop and PBX start my service - again, no error messages were given, but when I run the PBX stop command right after I started PBX, I'm getting: Stopping the PBX Service No matching processes belonging to you were found So it appears that PBX never ran. I'm really blindfolded as to where to turn to next; my Snow Leopard server is a brand new installation and there are no logs or error messages that would indicate what could be wrong. Any thoughts? Thanks! Mongoman
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