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  1. If it is simply "not clear", what could it possibly be trying to tell me? It seems rather specific to me. Automatic recording is not mentioned in the bundles page so I cannot tell that it is not included. The only way is to look at the "off the menu" page, and it lists recording of inbound and outbound calls - it does not mention recording calls to any particular extension. In addition to making the web pages clear accurate, I would like to recommend making the recording license price scale with the size of the system. I could easily justify a small price for our small system, but the same rate for a 5-person office as a 200-person call center is too hard to swallow. Especially when the competitor we are evaluating has it in their system for free (3CX).
  2. If that's the case, the snomONE web site is outright lying. On the extension feature page (http://www.snomone.com/extension) it says: "Automatic call recording. Calls to the extension can be automatically recorded. The recorded messages are made available in the mailbox." Then toward the bottom of the page it says. "All those features are included in the standard configuration." Since the cost to record one extension (that's all we need) costs more than a full 20 extension system, I think I'll have to cross snom ONE off the list. It's too bad, it was going to be my recommendation as the system we should get.
  3. I am wanting to set up automatic call recording on one of our extension but cannot find it in the extension configuration. How to I activate call recording for this extension? Thank you.
  4. Apparently one of our providers (Callcentric) does change IP addresses, because every couple of months or so that trunk gets stuck in a "408 Timeout" that doesn't clear until I click the "Register" button again. The trunk with our other provider doesn't have this problem. Is there any way to have the DNS lookup occur automatically after a 408 Timeout, but not for the regularly scheduled register events?
  5. I just updated and and tested it a couple of times...and it worked perfectly!!! Thank you so much for your assistance. John
  6. System Status Overview: Please use the information shown on this web page when you request help from the support team. Version: 2011- (Win64) Created on: Apr 19 2011 11:58:15 License Status: snom ONE free License Duration: Permanent Additional license information: Extensions: 4/10 Accounts: 15/30 Upgrade: 01 01 2013 Working Directory: C:\Program Files\snom\snomONE MAC Addresses: 204153594EFF B8AC6F907B43 EE2820524153 Calls: 1/0 (CDR: 38/24/41) 0/0 Calls SIP packet statistics: Tx: 1547 Rx: 1859 Emails: Successful sent: 2 Unsuccessful attempts: 0 Uptime: 2011/6/15 16:32:24 (uptime: 0 days 02:38:59) (60MB/4086MB 26% 24710720-0) WAV cache: 2 Number of HTTP sessions: Sessions: PAC=0, HTTP=1; Threads: SIP=0, HTTP=5
  7. Ours doesn't. It continues to say "200 OK" indefinately with the network cable unplugged from the internet router. I tried it just now unplugging the network cable from the back of the computer running SnomOne and I have the same problem - it never goes into timeout status. It's as if it completely stops trying to register the trunks. I do have our SnomOne setup to send me email when a trunk status changes - but it doesn't help much because this isn't detected as a trunk status change.
  8. I am sorry to report that I have requested and installed the latest build, 2011- (Win64), and the problem is not fixed. I interrupted the network for 10 minutes and both trunks status displayed "200 OK" the whole time, then after restoring the network and waiting 10 minutes the voip provider web site still showed no registration. I had to manually click "REGISTER" for each trunk before they would register.
  9. I performed the procdure with these items enabled. Once again both trunks reported "200 OK" for the entire duration. The log file is attached. Procedure: 1. Turned off all phones so extension registrations would not clutter up the log. 2. Cleared the log file and waited for each trunk to show registration messages. 3. Unplugged ethernet cable between firewall and cable modem (time: 17:38) 4. Waited 5 minutes then plugged cable back in (time: 17:43) 5. Waited 5 minutes for trunks to register - they did not (according to trunk provider web site). Clicked "Register" for each trunk (time: 17:48) While I'm no SIP expert, I didn't see any useful new information other than the "Could not find packet with number #" already reported. The trunks simply seem to stop trying to register until I manually intervene.
  10. I followed the instructions in the manual and set the log like this: Log Level: 7 Log general events: Yes Log SIP events: Yes Log trunk events: Yes Log other messages (under SIP): Yes All other events set to No. System up and working fine, then unplug internet cable between firewall and cable modem for 5 minutes. The following events get logged. [4] 2011/05/16 18:49:12: Could not find packet with number 338 [4] 2011/05/16 18:49:14: Could not find packet with number 339 Neither trunk goes to "408 Timeout", both continue to say "200 OK" for the entire duration. After 5 minutes I plugged the cable back in and waited another 5 minutes. Nothing appears in the log. Trunks still say "200 OK", web sites for both trunks say "Not Registered". Click "Register" for each trunk; both change to "Registered" at web sites, nothing appears in log. Do you need me to log any other information or perform more trials? Thanks, John
  11. We have a problem with our trunks often failing to automatically reregister following an internet connection interruption. I have to go in to the Trunks page and click "register" to get it working again. This happens about once every couple of months, but I can reproduce it very easily. Our setup: SnomeOne version 2011- (Win64) Trunk 1: Callcentric Trunk 2: voip.ms Firewall: Watchguard XTM23 Internet: Time Warner Business Class Cable The Problem: (typical example) Starting with both trunks registered, the log shows these entries once per minute for a long time... [8] 2011/05/15 16:28:21: Trunk 1 (CallCentric) is associated with the following addresses: udp: [8] 2011/05/15 16:28:22: Trunk 2 (voipms) is associated with the following addresses: udp: I then unplug ethernet cable between firewall and cable modem to simulate internet outage and I get these log entries... [5] 2011/05/15 16:30:13: Registration on trunk 1 (CallCentric) failed. Retry in 60 seconds [2] 2011/05/15 16:30:13: Trunk status CallCentric (1) changed to "408 Request Timeout" (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds) Notice that there is no trunk status change for Trunk 2 - on the trunks page it shows the status as "200 OK (Refresh interval 60 seconds)". But there is no way it can be registered, there is no internet connection. The voip.ms web site shows the registration is indeed lost. I then plug the cable back in to simulate restoration of the internet connection and I get these log entries... [8] 2011/05/15 16:45:07: Trunk 1 (CallCentric) is associated with the following addresses: udp: [2] 2011/05/15 16:45:08: Trunk status CallCentric (1) changed to "200 Ok" (Refresh interval 60 seconds) [8] 2011/05/15 16:46:08: Trunk 1 (CallCentric) is associated with the following addresses: udp: [8] 2011/05/15 16:52:08: Last message repeated 6 times What happened to trunk 2??? Click "Register" on Trunk 2 and I get these log entries... [8] 2011/05/15 16:54:47: Trunk 2 (voipms) is associated with the following addresses: udp: [8] 2011/05/15 16:55:09: Trunk 1 (CallCentric) is associated with the following addresses: udp: [8] 2011/05/15 16:55:47: Trunk 2 (voipms) is associated with the following addresses: udp: Trunk 2 is now registered and working, but notice there is no trunk status change message - I suspect that is because it thinks it was never unregistered. At this point you might suspect something is wrong with the configuration of Trunk 2 that is correct on Trunk 1. However, when I repeat this exercise sometimes Trunk 1 has the problem while Trunk 2 is fine. Sometimes both trunks work fine, sometimes both trunks fail. I've only done this test five times; twice Trunk 1 had the problem, one time Trunk 2 had the problem (log entries above), once both trunks had the problem, and once neither Trunk had a problem. Any ideas on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John G.
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