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Address book entry issue


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We have a number of areas in our office where two or three people share a phone. The extension might be called "accounts" for example.


We want to put three names in the address book so that anyone looking up a person in the accounts department would be able to find them by name.


However, the address book only allows one entry per telephone number. Is there anything we can do?


(On an older system we were able to have the same extension number followed by a ";" and then a random number (e.g. 215;1). This would make the system think they were two different numbers, but in reality the part after the ";" was ignored by the phone. In PBXnSIP this does not appear to work - you can put the multiple entries in the address book, but the numbers fail to populate the remote directories (e.g. on the SNOM phones we have).)

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this eats up licenses, but probably the best way is to make extensions for all say 3 users, then forward all their calls to the accounting phone , then they would normally say call me at extension 202 ,


but they could have 210 as a dummy extension to allow them to be found in the DBN directory with calls forwarded to 202 ,




register all 3 users to the same phone if it supports it , still eats licenses ,




put in a feature request to have the ability to link more than 1 name field to an extension , if there is enough need for it in the market , it may happen , chances are , you will need to use a "work around" . ..



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