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We are planning to move our PBXNSIP server from private network to Public. What are the best practice to secure it. Is there any existing document on this subject.




Best practices, no, however I've done the following.

1. don't use windows (due to the quantity of updates, and people exploiting windows vulnerabilities, linux is a better solution for an edge-facing PBX

2. keep the system as simple as possible. Dedicating the system to the PBX prevents other services which should not be exposed from being exposed should PBXnSIP (or it's underlying OS) be compromised

3. keep your updates done regardless of OS

4. firewall off everything you aren't using (linux should probably only have 80 and 22 open) (windows 3389) and 5060 on both. Do not use a NAT device in front of your PBXnSIP box.

5. you might want to leave an interface on your private network to allow your phones to connect without traversing NAT

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