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Yealink RPS Broken


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We are working on getting Yealink RPS running on version 68.0.10 and have found that this does not work.

Everything appears to be getting populated on the Yealink RPS service except for the Device Mgmt-->Device  the "Unique Server" Is not populated. If we force http://pbx.ourdomain.com or http://pbx.ourdomain.com/yealink-000000000000.cfg  (where MAC is actual)   in that Unique server URL the phone will provision without issue, otherwise the phone does not provision. Unfortunately updating 300 phones (manually) or device entries (RPS) will be an issue. I suppose we could do a batch import of just the devices with that field populated or perhaps the system could create the device with this info?

Am I missing something, maybe a misconfiguration on the Vodia PBX? 


Thanks in advance.




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