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Mediant 1000 to PRA line

Tom Waterman

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OK, I could really use some help here. We have one site that we a replacing a Nortel Option 11 with a PBXnSIP solution. Our PBXnSIP will connect to an Audiocodes mediant 1000 gateway. I need to connect this gateway to a Nortel option 11. They connect over an ISDN line. I have the configuration for the Nortel box. I have not been to the customers site yet. I am going next week. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your time.



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One thing I can think of is you need to put one side in network mode and doing the clocking and the other side in user mode. The AC can support this and then you shouldn't have to touch the option 11. So are they keeping the option 11 as well and you have to connect the old system with the new?

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