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I noticed the "templates" section on the website that we can download a template for.


I'd say 90% of our installs the same trunk setup, same dial plans, domain and system settings etc.. It'd be nice (and would make our job easier) if we could just install a PBX and upload something to it and have all that setup for us and we just have to enter the extension numbers and names :)


Is that something we could build ourselves too?

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Is that something we could build ourselves too?


On CS410 - Backup - Restore config makes this a breeze.


In the Windows Worlds Folder Backup and SysPrep make for a good solution for production systems.

I would recommend the trial key for the image. Manage your Dongle and NIC keys after the activation.


The key to making this dependable is ZERO hardware changes allowing.


However, we have experienced configuration file from older revisions of software have had some issues and every now and then you will have to refresh your master settings. Sometimes that's as simple as hitting the save button.



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