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SOAP interface url 404

Jake A

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Hi, I'm developing a simple soap application to pull call records using the pbxnsip database interface. I'm running on windows. It appears that neither soap.xml nor cdr.xml (the only two locations I could find a reference to in the wiki) do not exist. Does anyone know where I should point these requests? Does pbxnsip even still support soap?




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Hi Jake,


Yes, We do support SOAP functionalities, and the developers just released the beta version CDR tool that used SOAP interface pbxnsip CDR Tool Web Application.


To make a request to pull the CDR or any other desired data, you should create a socket and point to the PBX's hostname and port number, the same way you login to the PBX HTTP interface. See Access_to_the_Database, there's are some PHP codes with documentation that will get you to a head start.


Another important note to bear in mind, versions and earlier had a few bugs with SOAP, e.g. one misplaced character in the XML would halt the web application and you will not be able to get any response. Thus, it is highly recommended to upgrade to or latest release possible, especially for those who wants to develop either a simple or a robust web application.


You can easily download and swap the pbxctrl.exe, check it out look at



It appears that neither soap.xml nor cdr.xml (the only two locations I could find a reference to in the wiki) do not exist.

The pbxnsip SOAP server can send out CDRs to your software which is actually the soap.xml you were trying to fetch...

It's kind of like role-reversal where the PBX is a client sending CDR data, and your application act as a "server listening for the incoming CDR". In most case, the client side web application will make the request for data access, certain Group Agent queue events, and Calling Card web application. To clear up the confusion, See Processing_CDR_from_the_PBX with the functional PHP Source code.


Happy Coding! :)

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