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I have setup PBXnSIP successfully with a trunk to OCS so that I can make outbound calls OK.


I don't have any SIP clients directly connected to the PBX, they are all behind OCS as PC clients.


I want to direct inbound calls from the ITSP trunk to a number in OCS, for example +442031239172, 172 being the extension. I understand that the dial plan is only used for outbound calls, so I can't use that.


I don't have PBXnSIP 'Accounts' setup for each user in OCS, there doesn't seem to be any benefit in this duplication if they never register with the PBX and are always behind OCS.


How do I do this redirect? I know the easy answer might be to 'create an account', but when I start having DID numbers I don't want to have to create an account for every user just to redirect the call.





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Hi Andrew,


what you like to do is more like a "Direct SIP" or better "Greenfield" scenario. The pbxnsip integration path is a "DUAL-Forking" scenario. I am sure the software logic in pbxnsip would be able to handle what you like to achieve. But a full fledged voip-pbx like pbxnsip is a bit oversized for this.


A voip gateway might be enough (AudioCodes, Dialogic, Ferrari-Electronic, etc. Or if you prefer software only, try asterisk with openser or sipX. You will find a lot of online info in google about it.


At least why dont try a native OCS R2 SIP trunking? Supported providers are Sprint and Global Crossing http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/...8.aspx#trunking


But you will also find solutions (not certified) for R2 and R1 SIP trunks, for example: SmartSIP installation at your Mediation Server for any VOIP-provider http://evangelyze.net/products.asp#SMARTSIP


Best regards,


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