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Voicemail outage

Mike Wayne

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Serious problem with voicemail on Debian 4.0:


User calls in, gets transferred through the autoattendant to a hunt group which properly rings the extensions in this group. If, however, the call is not answered, it gets delivered to a final stage extension. The caller hears the prompt and leaves a message and the call shows up in the status, viewing it from the web page. Email gets generated on all voicemail & dropped calls. No attachment is to be sent in the email, it is notification only. The message is to be left in the mailbox.


BUT, the email claims that the message is 0 seconds long, even with 60+ second test messages. The caller-id is correct. One thing that seemed to help was changing the mailbox settings:

---Disable, Save, Enable, Save

---Change to send attachments, Save, Do not send attachments, Save


After trying this on one extension and seeing it work, we tried a second. The second then worked, the first stopped.


We are about to upgrade to to see if there is an improvement but wanted to note the issue in the forums as well.

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