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Strange issues running 3.2 after downgrading from 3.3


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We upgraded our server to 3.3 and then had provisioning issues, so we went back to 3.2 till we figure out what the problem is. However, now strange things are happening. 1- When creating a new extension (i.e 40) you will press edit and where you should see 40 you will also see another ext number... for example 40 222 2- Extensions will show on the accounts page to be not registered, but physically the phone is registered as you can make calls on it. However, when you make calls, it will not show up on the pbx server. If you wait a while the phone will show that it's registered under the account section and when you place a call it will show up as well. Also the phone will ring or not ring in the Hunt Group, depending on whether it's showing as registered. 3- When creating a NEW dial plan or hunt group or AA you will go in to edit it and find that it's already filled out... this has happened in more then one occasion. 4- Creating new domains will delete other domains.


I know this is alot of info, but we either need to fix this or upgrade to 3.3.1. This is not an internet issue and not a setup issue as all our phones have been working properly upto the upgrade. Any idea when 3.3.1 is coming? I hope 3.3.1 can also fix the shared line issue. This is where a line is seized when ever the handset is picked up. This is a great nuisance when a bunch of people pick up the handset to answer a call in a hunt group. It will seize multiple lines at the same time and not let them go for 40 seconds.

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